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Wrong country name in Account settings

Wrong country name in Account settings

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In my profile, setting for "Country or region" is wrong. There is no country on this earth that is called Bosnia, there is only Bosnia and Herzegovina

And if you counting on the region that is Bosnia, that is wrong too.

The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina have two regions, one region is Bosnia and other is Herzegovina, and I'm living in Herzegovina, so the setting is so wrong.


For this to be worse, in the bottom right corner of the page, in footer there is a correct name for country, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

That is like someone for United States of America only writes United and that is it. 😞


If the name is too long you can use BiH, which is shorter version of name. To explain it, in local language the name is "Bosna i Hercegovina" or shorter "BiH", in our language "and" is "i". 

So, Bosnia and Herzegovina, or BiH please.


And for language, there is 3 languages, Croatian, Sebian and Bosniak, and as I can see that Croatian is developed for Croatia, so it would be nice if you would let me to select that language for my interface. It is official language, so why i can not select it?


Thanks in advance.


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Hey @MC75 ,


Thanks for coming to the Community.


This has been passed onto the right team at Spotify, and they will look into it 🙂

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