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I was living in the UK when I subscribed to Spotify Premium, so I was paying my membership with an English credit card. Now that I'm back to France I have updated my payment method, I've put in my French credit card details so obviously my country has changed. Music suggestions should now be the French ones, but I'm still seeing the UK one. I have updated my credit card details, and country at least 10 times and it's still not right... 


I don't know what to do, if someone has the solution please don't hesitate




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Hey @LolaLLP welcome to the Spotify Community! 


Has your home country switched over to France in your account overview? These things are calculated by IP and you've already followed the most common steps to get it switched over to the correct address. If you're using a proxy or VPN however that could conflict with it so make sure it's switched off when logging in. Similarly, if your account was created outside of Spotify you may need to change the home country there.


If you haven't already done it I'd try logging out and back into the account to see if it refreshes, you could also try a clean install. here.There's tips on how to do that here.


If all else fails you can reach out to Spotify Cares using this contact form, their facebook or twitter.


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Hi @bearfootrecords 

Thanks for your reply. The country hasn't changed in my account overview, I still see GB in the preview, but when I click on "Edit your profile" I can see France in the country field... 

I've logged out and logged in again a couple of times this morning, and I still see the UK music suggestions... I'm going to try the clean install right now, but if it doesn't work I don't really know what I could try next

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