Wrong email address and password


Wrong email address and password



my girlfriend has just tried to open an account for her mother which worked great. She then used the voucher code we bought to put her to premium. Which worked fine as well. Problem then became visible when she realized (finally) that she did a mistake in the email address. She put a . where there should be a - ....

She then tried to change the address in the accounts settings which failed because of the next problem. Obviously she did a mistake when entering the password while registration as well! (pls don't ask how...)

Long story short: Is there an option to reset the password AND the email address? Or is there at least a chance to get the voucher code back so we can then use it for the correct account?

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Hey @maharioo,


Sorry to hear you are having issues with setting up a Premium account.


I recommend contacting Support about this issue, you can do this via Twitter (@SpotifyCares) or on the online contact form.


Let me know how it goes. 👍