Wrong song playing, solution needed.


Wrong song playing, solution needed.

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I have been using Spotify for a long time now, but the past few months I keep getting errors and a new issue that came up recently is that when I select a song to play, it plays another song from somewhere in the album or artists playlist. It seems like each song is connected to another song because it does not select a random song. When I click song A, it will play song B. But when I select song B it will play song C etc. Even after rebooting Spotify several times it will still give me the same problem, I never know when it will go away.


I have been a premium Spotify user for almost a year now, and this is the first time I stopped my premium account and went back to basic or even to not using Spotify anymore because I won't pay for a program that is not working in order. Music is there to give me relaxation, not stress and that is just what these problems and errors give me. I hope this issue is fixed soon and I can go back to using Spotify. 


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Re: Wrong song playing, solution needed.

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Hi Zaronthos,

That's very strange and not something I've come across before!

In these instances it's always a good idea to start off with a clean reinstallation in order to rule out the most obvious issues.

To reinstall Spotify, please follow the instructions here.


Once this is done, play a couple of tracks and let us know if this issue is persisting.


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Re: Wrong song playing, solution needed.

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First of all thanks for the quick reply!


I uninstalled and installed spotify before and this did solve the problem. But as it came back I just wanted to ask if this was a common issue or if it was something new. As you said the reinstall did the trick but if the problem comes back again I can't keep reinstalling Spotify as the only solution. 


I looked it up and some other people had similar posts about this, so it might be something with an older version of Spotify?


It's fixed again for now, thank you.