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Year in Music 2016


Year in Music 2016

Is the year in music different this year? Last year, it told me my top artists by season, my top albums of the year, first song I listened to all year, and a bunch of stuff.. This year it told me my total minutes, gave me my top 100 playlist and that's pretty much it 😞

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I don't understand what the problem is here. It's an email. It can't be resent or

regenerated? Technology in the 21st century should be able to handle resending emails by now. This is extremely dissapointing. The playlist doesn't cut it. I like to look at my stats. I am seriously looking at other streaming options for the new year with the rest of my family, as are some of the other users I read in this thread.

I'm connected through my Facebook, and I just changed my email (Monday, Jan. 2nd) on Facebook because the previous one I had used was inactive. Are u able to send the Year In Music email to my new email? 

Hey team,

I didn't know that I need these email notifications to be enabled. 
I just changed it. So is there still any chance to also receive the email?

Wouldn't it be an idea to publish the link to the personal statistics for the community?

It would be so sad to don't see my personal 2016 highlights :'(

Hi Rorey,

The  ‘Your Top Songs 2016’ playlist doesn't appear in my 'Wrapped' hub. Is there a direct link I can follow? 



Premium User helledelta

This is not solved, this is failed.


Solved would be if we had option to generate it on demand (at least once).

Or if you would have run the "Year in music" batch job again - but then some people will ask again later, so option to generate it on demand might be less stress in the end 🙂


Is it such a problem?

I was not opted intro News & offers email notifications... But i still want to recieve my personal stats... Is there any possebillity to get it?. 

I have had all email notifications turned on and never received an email.  I also don't have a personalized playlist in Wrapped.  Is there anything I can do to get my playlist and / or this email? I would really like to see my stats, but just the playlist would be nice.

I went looking for my year in music this morning and all I could find was just generic stuff with a top songs playlist. Confused, I started looking for answers, however it seems I am 3/4 weeks too late!


I can't believe what I've been reading here and across certain threads of the Spotify community. Like many people, I was looking forward to the year in music feature and, as I remember from 2 years ago, it was the positive social media reaction that brought my attention to it and so I went looking for it on my Spotify profile page. I was amazed at the detail of this feature, it was amazing!


There was no talk of ever having to opt in for e-mails and yet here I am finding out - too late - that there is no way of receiving the information. How frustrating and annoying! All these loyal customers who have lost out. It is baffling that Spotify think have reached more people, when it is obvious they haven't! Why not send the link to those who have opted in for e-mails and then allow those who haven't to access it as in previous years? That way you reach EVERYONE!


This could be a genuine mistake, or on a more cynical level, they are punishing people who opt out of e-mails in order for them to increase the number of people that receive their e-mails. I doubt we will find out the truth...


Well Spotify, I have opted in for your 'news & offers' and I am looking forward to an apology e-mail over this. In the meantime, I will try Apple music's free trial period and see how I get on.



This is total **bleep**! I definitely fall into all the criteria you mentions. I have my notifications on both via emai and push for the offers and news. I haven't changed my email at all since I joined. I was so looking forward to this. You really missed the mark on this one Spotify, really bad!

That playlist is now available for me - but I am still very disappointed the stats are not available like in previous years.

The playlist (Best of 2016) is not what I'm looking for, I have that as well and have had that for a few weeks. It's the stats etc, like the first song I listened to in 2016 and so on. I was looking forward to this since last years! This is honestly a huge disappointment. Every little thing you try to do to "improve" things takes you steps back! And for the record I still miss being able to see what's playing when you hover over the minimized screen!

I find it amusing that the Spotify staff is quiet about this. They must be aware of how bad they've messed up but not a single word except the bull**bleep** explanation from a staffer earlier. There's 100 people here who are disappointed, imagine the amount of disappointed people who are not writing on the forum.

Spotify really messed up on this one. 😂

I can report that after about a week with Google Play Music I couldn't be happier!

I want my real year in music!! I pay for spotify premuim for my family and this is just a disappointment compared to the past years information

I would much rather have a list same as 2015 of info over a top tracks Playlist. I was looking extremely forward to seeing how many hours I've spent listening. How many times I've listened to my most listened songs etc. Instead I got a Playlist of the songs I listened to most over the past year. If they're my most listened to songs all year long what makes you think I want to listen to them more than I already have? If you couldn't give a list same exactly as 2015's year in music, could've at least given my most underplayed songs since the shuffle feature alot of the time has me listen to the same songs I always listen to.
Edit: I did find my email, last year's was better though.

Why there was absolutely no notification that you'd need to opt for the email updates? It's so disappointing. It's my first year of using Spotify, I have the premium account, and I was so looking forward to my stats. That's what you call customer service?

I really hope that you can resend out this summary for everyone. If not, create an side site with possibility to manual enter mail adress and get stats sent. 

Yeah - this tactic didn't work well, Spotify. I have been using Spotify daily for years. I have all notifications checked, I have a handful of random Spotify notifications in my inbox, but no Year in Music at all. I am disappointed.

Aw this sucks. I was having a competition with friends and coworkers on who could listen to the most this year and see the trends of artists and songs. I was really looking forward to doing that again this year.  😞


Can you bring it back? I loved to be able to quantify my listening and genre preferences.


Also, same as someone else said, I get a billion emails, and since Spotify sends random irrelevant promotions like speakers etc. I unsubscribed from your emails, but that doesn't mean I'm any less of a fan of your service, I've been using you for the past 7 years without fail. Best music service out there. 

I've just allowed the news emails. Can I get the wrapped email? 

i did get an in-app notifivation about my personalised playlist! but i agrre with the majority in that i loved the year in music with my listening stats! i think it should be brought back for 2017!

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