Year in Music 2016


Year in Music 2016


Is the year in music different this year? Last year, it told me my top artists by season, my top albums of the year, first song I listened to all year, and a bunch of stuff.. This year it told me my total minutes, gave me my top 100 playlist and that's pretty much it 😞



Hey Community,


We understand there are a lot of questions around Wrapped – this year’s take on Year in Music. So we’ve put together the following FAQ to help clear up any confusion!


What is Wrapped?

Wrapped is this year’s answer to Year in Music. It consists of three different things:

  • A hub in Browse > Genre & Moods full of playlists that highlight the best music 2016 had to offer.
  • A personalised ‘Your Top Songs 2016’ playlist. You can find yours in the Wrapped hub. Make sure you follow it!
  • Personal listening stats delivered directly to your inbox.


Why didn’t I get a Wrapped email?

To receive an email, you needed to meet the following criteria:

  • Have opted into News & Offers email notifications.
  • Have enough listening history from January – late October for us to serve up your stats.
  • Have a valid email address registered to your Spotify account.
  • There are some other scenarios that could mean you don’t receive an email. For example, if you’ve ever marked a Spotify email as spam, or we received a bounceback when sending you an email in the past. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands.

Update: We’ve finished rolling out a new batch of Wrapped emails. If you still haven’t gotten yours, it may be due to one of the reasons listed above. You can also check Browse for the "Your Top Songs 2016" personalised playlist.


Why did you change Year in Music?

We’d hoped to reach more people with this year’s campaign and we believe we have. We also really appreciate all the feedback you’ve given us here in the Community. We’re taking it all on board for next year.



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"Turn on your email notifications" is a garbage answer. Like any sane human, I disable email notifications for just about anything that allows me to — especially if I have the options of push/in-app notifications. I don't want to have my inbox inundated with what amounts to useless spam and promos just so I can get my "Year in Music" stats. At the VERY least, it should also be sent as a push notification through the Spotify app; otherwise don't give the option for both in the account settings as if they will be equivalent.


Is there a more in depth look at some of the data? I would love to see how many times I've streamed some of my top songs, how many minutes I've listened to a specific artist, and so on and so on. 


Next year you should do things the same as you had previously. You got a lot of publicity for those impersonal out of home ads you put up, but here is something that genuinely means a lot to a huge swath of your users - one of the few places you can truly out compete your competitors (who at least are willing to compete for exclusivity with artists' new releases) and you fell on your face. Disappointing.

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So if I had that option turned off and turned on now will I receive it now? Will they resend it again? And anywhere I can request the stats?p

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Hey again @Blessedmandy,


I don't think the email can be resend if the notifications weren't enabled before however you should turn on the notifications to make sure you don't miss out in the future. Nevertheless, you can still get the personalised playlist with your 2016 top tracks in Browse > Genres & Moods > 2016 Wrapped.


Hope this helped!



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I dont want a playlist
I want the stastics, this is so bad customer treatment, why not simply make a website like last year? You can even send the link via Email if you want to but why make it on the app accessable for example
Normally spotify doesnt disappoints me but today


Kate, I didn't get/see an email, but if true that I can still see my year in music at browse/2016 Wrapped, I must be missing it. I don't see anything but 'best of' lists that are generic and don't have anything to do with me.



You should really resend those emails.

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you have to be kidding, that we don't get the email if it wasn't turned on earlier. What a joke. I was waiting from the past 2-3 months for the stats to show up.
I guess it sums up what a travesty of a year 2016 has been, and an end like this.


that's just horrible user experience

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So which notification had to be on specifically? I received mine last year but not this time. Yes, I checked all of my folders and stuff, but I don't see it... 


I've had the same problem, and when I try to use the method of looking in 2016 Wrapped, I can't find my playlist. I only got premium a few days ago, December 8 at the earliest. Is that the reason I can't find my playlist, or has it just not shown up yet?


Once you've turned them on will the email be sent at some point? 

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Just so you know, this is pretty much s-h-i-t compared to what "Year in music" used to be.

You should be ashamed.


Which notifications? If this is the only thing you're interested in.


Got the same problem,


and those answers from Spotify are insufficient, user-friendliness 100 points -.-

thats like super S H I T.. wow

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Honestly this was one of the main reasons I didn't go to Apple music.  I'm really disappointed right now and I've always been so pro-Spotify. 

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I have mine turned on but have not received it.  Mine have been turned on since 2014 and I've been a memeber since 2012.  Why isn't Spotify doing a "My year in music" like last year? 




I didn't get my Year in Music statistics from Spotify even though I have all my email notifications on. I get ads but the statistics aren't there. I changed my email about a month ago but surely, that would have given the servers enough time to know where to send my YIM. What can I do?


I am in the same boat as you. When I contacted Spotify support today, this is what I was told: ""We're still in the middle of checking about this. We can't say if there will still be emails sent at a later time." I'm not sure where all these people saying the emails are still being sent out are getting their info, because that's not what I was told...

My notifications were already on, I regularly get emails from Spotify, myemail address is correct, I've been a premium user for over a year, but no still email, including in my junk/clutter and even quarantine boxes, so there is no good reason that I didn't get it, other than the **bleep**tiness of Spotify.

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Unfortunately, I have not seen an answer to that. I've had the same email since last year and my notifications turned on, yet I too have not recieved anything. I tried checking their Spotify Cares twitter account but all I seen was to check the "spam" folder, which I did and have found absolutely nothing. It's weird because I have gotten all the other stuff from Spotify like the "special thanks" from the bands I listen to and the premium ads but no Year In Music as well. I guess all we can do is wait! 😞