Your 2016 in Music - Stats Seriously Askew

Your 2016 in Music - Stats Seriously Askew


I just received my "Your 2016 in Music" email, and the stats are seriously askew (Attached as image)

Total Minutes: 4437 (That's only 70 hours. I listen to Spotify for at least 4 hours per day while at work)
Total Number of Artists: 513 (That has to be seriously low. I listen to the New Music Playlist all the way through every week)
Unique Tracks this Year: 255 (That is so far below the actual number I can't even comprehend how this would have happened. I'm probably at that number every week). 


My Top Tracks:
 - Diplo - Be Right There
 - Datsik - Feel Good

 - The Avalanhces - Frankie Sinatra


Now, I'm sure I probably listened to all of those songs, but by absolutely no means were they my top tracks of the year. I guarantee I listened to "Starboy" and "We Have Candy" at dozens of times more than any of those (3) tracks. 


It says two of my top (3) days are Saturday and Sunday, when I DEFINITELY don't listen to as much Spotify, considering I spend, I'd guess, 90% of my time listening at work on Monday through Friday.


I think my stats got switched with someone elses, or maybe someone else on my family plan!?




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