account hacked


account hacked


My account appears to have been hacked and changed to a premium family account with 4 extra people added. I've now removed them and changed my password, but lost all of my playlists - can they be restored?

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You can restore your playlists by following this guide on the Spotify Support Center.


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You both can contact customer service here: via the contact form. If you get an email back directing to the support forums, reply back to that email even if it is from noreply, and the support team will be able to take a look at your issue and you'll hear from them shortly.


Also, you might log into your account from here: and go to the offline devices and remove all offline devices from the account. You will now have to reauthorize each device again that connects or logs into your Spotify account. And then go back to Account Overview and change your Spotify account password login. Please note if you setup Spotify using facebook you need to change your password on Facebook, or you can just set a device password here on the account page for all devices using the Spotify service. Just make sure to note down your numerical ID name number, this number ID should be 10 digits long, as that will be your sign in name when you set a device password here. 

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