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account login!?!?!?

account login!?!?!?

I can't remember my password, and the last one sent to my email a few weeks ago isn't working. Why won't they email or send the new number to my cell phone and when they do, how can I change it to something I want.. Thankyou

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Hi there,


Since your account is linked to your Facebook, your login is exactly the same for Facebook. 


Please enter the email address and password you use on the Facebook site, any requests to change your password need to go through Facebook as well. 

Ms.. I have that doesn't work... can you please somehow get them to email or TXT me a new temporary password I am premium for the moment, and in confusion as to why it won't just Send me something on my phone or email??? My browser is fine, I promise you that.. please help me.. have never had problems before..


and I am already LOGGED on facebook spotify... doesn't do me a world of help seeing I have to log on the other way to see my playlist..


Have a look in your inbox, I've just sent you an email confirming the details you have registered on our system. 



k i wrote u back hun

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