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I have had to get a new phone and now on the new one when I try signing in it doesnt give me my right account I'll take my bussiness elsewhere if it's not fixed 

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Hey Dylanpb!


Could you be more specific about your issue?


How does Spotify not give you the right account when you attempt to sign in?

Are you signing in with wrong credentials?


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Well I only used one email to sign in the same one as Facebook and it
signed me in through Facebook but I never used Facebook to make the
account. I have a lot of music I've searched for and gotten on there and I
pay monthly it ended up making different accounts for me when I hit the
reset password button. I should not have to to go through all that to get
my Spotify back I know it's not you but I would really like my account back

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Someone is using my debit card fraudulently to get an account .  I had to sign up with an account that I don't want to be able to get into some kind of HELP to have this matter resolved, since there is no customer service help phone number that I can  find.  How do I deal with this?