ad free for 30 mins, whoops we meant 3 songs...?

ad free for 30 mins, whoops we meant 3 songs...?


this has happened more than once. Usually right when I start Spotify via Iphone app. I'll get the outro "The next 30 minutes are on us after this short video" or whatever it says, then it will play commercials (not a video), then a couple songs (not 30 min worth) then more commercials. Another time I did the video thing, it played the video, then music for 18 minutes, then ads.


previous post said it was what world??!

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First, we'd suggest checking the following:

  • Make sure that the video ad is in focus (for example, don't navigate to another app or browser)
  • Make sure that you're not accidentally selecting the "No, thanks" button instead when prompted to watch the ad.

If that doesn't do the trick, it'd be helpful if you could give us some additional details on your device and its iOS, as well as your current version of the Spotify app. This way, we can troubleshoot this further.


Let us know how you get on 🙂 

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Every moderator should have both, a premium account and a free account. That way you know what customers are talking about instead of giving generic answers that do not solve anything. Yes customers. Some people pay with money others with time. You know this. It's insulting when they lie to your face about 30min of "uninterrupted" music. And if you don't have a real answer just say that we should suck it up, because they are not going to fix this. There is people complaining about this since 2015

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