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albums disappear from collection

albums disappear from collection

Hi! This is my first post here. I love Spotify but I've been experiencing an annoying problem for some time now. All new albums I save to my collection (i.e. "Your Music") disappear from it after I log out or turn off the device. Also, they do not appear on my other devices with the same Spotify account.

For example, when I go to my collection --> albums --> sort by recently added, they are not there. When I sort alphabetically they are not in the expected place either, and when I find the albums via search once again, they are marked as not saved to the collection. So they're really not there on my account, it doesn't seem to be a low-level problem with the interface.

NB 1: this does NOT affect playlists. These do stay, and they do sync to the other devices.

NB 2: this doest NOT affect albums saved to the collection before the problem started. These are still there, on all devices.


Effectively, my whole "Your Music" collection froze in the state from some months ago, and I can't add anything new to it. I can only use playlists, which I don't like as much.


The devices I'm using:

1) OS X Yosemite MacBook Air

2) iPhone 5s

3) Windows 7 PC

All of them with fully updated OS and Spotify apps.


It's been like this for months now; with every update on every device I hope it's going to fix the problem, but it never does. I'd be really grateful if someone could help!

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Please? Help?

It does this when your library is too full,its stupid it sucks,its the only reason i havent gotten premium.there is a song linit which for me is way too small. It also starts doing this with artist you follow they will unfollow and dissapear on their own its a pain especially when you follow as many artist as me i dont notice they gone until month later. Which is bad for me and the artist because theyvare getting less traffic from me diciding to give it a listen. Just because i see it in my livrary surfing. Which leads to them being forgotten for week,months,or more.they really really really need to fix these 2 big issues before theyvdo anything else. Especially since every uupdatesucks. Still like the old layout of being able to slide left right between menus,i like the new recent list tho.being able to more easily create/ customize radio stations would be nice and even better would be being able to mass select different songs from multiple albums and add them all at once to a playlist instead of going through and adding one at a time something like a playlist making mode where i can go through and just select multiple and add without clicking 3 things and scrolling to the list i want to add it to every single song

Indeed, I finally got an "epic collection, friend! Your music is all filled up" message today.


Thanks for letting me know the reason, xleverc - although I am sad that it's something so outrageously unreasonable. I hoped it was just a technical issue. I almost can't believe they're doing it on purpose...

Same here, got premium and the song limit is too small. Want to follow more artists..

See this thread: You can join the hundreds of people asking Spotify to get rid of this limit... and their ridiculous response so far (recap: "it works for 99% of our users, so we don't care about the 1% who are putting this function into actual use").

I hit the limit today while I was adding my music, I was only at the "F" in the alphabet....are you kidding. Why is there a limit?? This is reason alone to change to another music service.


An Angry Customer


The problem with switching to anothwr music service is that none of them have the massive database that spotify has, all of the small unknown artists amd the mass amount of songs. Spotifies biggest selling point and advamtage over other misic services is crippled by the fact the set a limit on songs artists and follows that will show up consistently. So theres a dilemma of huge database but limited practical useability

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