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an artist called Drill Beats randomly starts playing

an artist called Drill Beats randomly starts playing



for the past week or so i have noticed someone or something using my account. when i open spoitfy an artist called Drill Beats is playing and when i look on the devices it is playing on the Chrome webplayer.


When i am using the app my music will change to Drill Beats without warning, it is starting to annoy me now. I have also noticed it is happening to other users with the same artist.


I am logged into spotify using the facebook method. I have changed my password and logged out of every device but still no joy.


I thought it could be to do with the third party apps, but what is listed looks like legit partners. the list is 2017 Wrapped, Shazam, Lithium Community - Production and login.


I am at a loose end and don't know what to do. Can someone please help

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That sounds really strange... 

I would try to get in contact with Spotify account support!  


To contact Spotify! 


contact Support:

1. Email/chat function Contact form

2. Twitter - SpotifyCares

3. Facebook - SpotifyCares

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