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bad payment

bad payment

hello people I would like to ask, today I wanted to make Spotify bonus with student discount, just did not read the terms and therefore I did not know it only applies to undergraduates, so I filled in all the details, card number .. It took me cash and redirected I have a page SheerID that has the task of checking whether I really study .. And this I did 3 times so it took me hundreds of hundreds .. You do not have to write about how I puss, I know well: D But if anyone knew, how can I get my money back or when SheerID finds out I'm not a student and I'll be back, I'd be grateful. Thank you in advance.. sorry for the mistakes in the text I'm Czech 


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I suggest trying to contact Spotify! 


contact Support:

1. Email/chat function - Contact form

2. Twitter - SpotifyCares

3. Facebook - SpotifyCares


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