be charged monthly after buying a yearly premium


be charged monthly after buying a yearly premium


Hi, I have bought a yearly premium promotion and repaid in advance in last December. However, I was charged a monthly fee since I paid a yearly promotion. Wondering if you can provide any solution to cancel monthly charge. I have browsed support pages, I do not have another account and receipt shows I have premium account since 2017/DEC/02 thats it. Thank you in advance. 🙂

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Hey @zebrarunsfast, welcome to the community!


If you've made sure you don't have multiple Spotify accounts, we suggest heading to your Account page, and cancel the recurring subscription.


Once you do this, the page should show the date where your subscription is going to end.


Let us know once you've done this to make sure you have the full year of Premium you paid for.


All the best.

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