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can not stop paying for my friends account how can i? please help

can not stop paying for my friends account how can i? please help



During the christmas discount i've bought a premium account for a friend. But now i want to stop paying for his account but my bank said it should be done by the Spotify company. I can not communicate with the friend but the payment automatically charges from my credit card.
How can i find a solution? 

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Have you tried going to your account? If you're on the desktop app, please click on your profile then go to "Account". This will open a page on your web browser to your Account Overview, and you will be able to see a menu on the left side of the page with multiple tabs like the one I have attached to this message. Please choose "Subscription" tab to change or cancel your payment method.


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Spotify help Subscription.JPG

Hello ohyeahedgar,


Thank you for your support. I don't have my friends account information. He is connecting to spotify by his own facebook account. He doesn't answer my calls or messages. But my credit card information is saved in his account. I want to go on using my spotify premium account, but want to stop paying for another. I think there should be another solution for this. The other account is not mine but the credit card is mine. So it is hard to solve by myself.

Hey @Benderspink, thanks for reaching out to the community!


Since you don't have access to the account that's billing your card, I suggest following the steps here for what to do next.


You'll find the steps to take to contact the right team to further assist you with this.


All the best.

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