can't log in because I'm offline


can't log in because I'm offline


this is it. I want a refund and I'm leaving Spotify because as a premium user this is the most anoying thing. I set my Spotify app as offline mode because I'm in a field work far away from any WiFi and I can't belive I'm using my data to let you know your "solutions" to this problems are an insult. yes, I checked my storage SD card, my VPN and any other shananigan you use to say to your costumer. I also know you will mark this topic as "solved" although your INGENIOUS solutions is re install the app. I can't! I can't download all my music with the few data ive left.  

 this is the third time in the month this is happening to me. it's absurd. I got a premium membership BECAUSE I WANTED TO LISTEN MUSIC IN OFFLINE MODE. how come I can't log in because I'm in offline mode? this is outrageous. 


I've been checking this forum in order to know the solution but I only get to see how many others android users are experiencing the same thing and how you don't care about this. it's been going for years for some people!


youre usless





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hi @aida_barrilete 


First, to cancel your account, you'll need to edit your subscription details. Spotify does not have a refund policy, but you are welcome to contact customer support and perhaps they'll be able to help. Hope this helps.