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can't log in because it says i'm offline


can't log in because it says i'm offline

I somehow was signed out of my spotify acount on my android phone and now when i try to log bak in is says I am set to offline mode which I was on my acount but how am I supposed to go online if I can't sign into my account? My email and password are both correct.

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Hi Jessica,  That would work fine but I don't use mobile data. This is  one of the reasons I chose Spotify because of the fact  I can ( or should be able to ) listen to my music that devs?...OFFLINE/ONLINE button on login page

Apoligize for using your post reply to get devs attention but they don't seem to hear my direct  pleas maybe this will work.

Yeah, I have had to do this for about 5 times in the last few weeks. I have used spotify for years and this bug is very frustrating. I am seriously thinking of switching to amazon music or google play. I am paying for premium but will take my money elsewhere. You would think spotify would fix this because I have to redownload gigs of data everytime this happens.

Oh, your post say it is solved and it takes to another post with the same question...

This is frustrating, I have the same issue


Same issue. 

Went offline as I have been traveling. Went to listen at the airport n found I had been logged out. Now can't get back in. 

Premium user also. 

Come on, get this sorted. 

I m having the same problem... cleared cache.. didn't help.. was travelling overseas, on offline mode.. was working till yesterday... and I m a premium user too... unread thru the forum, it's like no response from Spotify??

Same issue for the second time. Why is this not fixed yet...

I've solved it by getting a contract with 12gb of data. Unlikely to need to
go offline now.
Not an acceptable solution for most people though.
Sort it out Spotify.

Same problem here. I had to reinstall the app and download all the songs again, losing a lot of time as if i have nothing better to do. Pretty annoying, I mean we are paying aren't we?

 can't log in, because offline? how am i writing this post then?

what the F-ing F F?

i am only a 3-months-for-0,99€-premium-user and that problem is already too anoying for me, can't imagine ever paying 10 bucks a month. first all my downloaded songs are gone (why? F U, that's why) 

then some spotify helpdesk genius says: "try logging out and in again" he could at least mention to not set your spotify to offline mode, because i can't login anymore.

i know the only solution is to uninstall app.

did i foget something?

no, uninstall app, that is all.

rather listen to nothing.

Same problem here and as I do not have WiFi currently no music. Unacceptable performance.

Same issue, I don't even know why I got logged out? In the past 3 months all other family members of my account were logged out and I had to cancel their invites and re-send them, that's another issue. I discovered I can't have more than 3.333 songs offline on my phone. And now this??? I swear to God, if one day I'll lose all my saved songs and can't regain them somehow...I'll probably already be a paying customer elsewhere.


Now, Spotify, GO FIX THIS ISSUE.

ALSO THIS POST IS NOT SOLVED, stop marking it as such!

Hi all!

Just had this issue on my android phone. I solved it by going to phone settings -> apps -> spotify 

i cleared cache, cleared all data and stoped the the app.

i tried to login after and loged in normally .


You can try it in this order but be awarethat it cleans the albums and songs you have downloaded 😞

I'm having the same issue. I had the app set to offline and after upgrading to android Oreo, I got logged out and cannot relogin. 

This should be a really easy problem to fix (on the developer's side) , as it must store the 'offline' setting in Android's SharedPreferences.


The fact that this question is marked as solved (lol) simply tells me that I should probably give my money elsewhere.

Downloading gigs of songs again is not an option, nor a valid answer. 

This happened to me yesterday. Had to reinstall the app, and then redownloaded several gigs of music over mobile data as I am far away from Wifi. Today it happened again. Not possible to login as I am apparently offline, and all offline songs I downloaded yesterday have been lost, I suppose. Extremely frustrating.

Same issue with android version.  Has always worked fine up until now.  


Paying premium customer and very unhappy from this -- considering switching off

Having same problem every couple of days which sucks because I work offshore and don't always have access to wifi.  The whole idea of "going offline" is to be able to listen to your downloaded music, but somehow that seems to make it to where I can't even do that.  Then if I restart my phone or the app, I have to relog, but of course I'm offline so I can't.  Premium user also, think this might be the last straw for me unfortunately.  I've heard there are other pretty decent apps out there for offline music.  About time to try one I think.

Goodbye Spotify.

Same issue for me. Please fix this.

I have just been signed out, unable to log in due to being offline. Spotify sort your **bleep** out... Uninstalling the APP is not an option, its just bad code writing on your behalf... 

Michael Hughes

Same issue here. I find it intolerable to remove all music and reinstall the app. Please fix this issue

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