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can't log in because it says i'm offline


can't log in because it says i'm offline

I somehow was signed out of my spotify acount on my android phone and now when i try to log bak in is says I am set to offline mode which I was on my acount but how am I supposed to go online if I can't sign into my account? My email and password are both correct.

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I've tried this but it still doesn't work  This seems like such a basic error how can it not be resolved? Please someone help me. If I uninstall Spotify will it lose my music? 

You won't lose your music from a Playlist or saved on your Spotify profile
standpoint, but you'll have w to re-download it to your device.

I no longer bear with you. You obviously don't care for our frustration.


By now, it is for certain that you didn't find the 'right team'. 


Also, I guess, it was someone from the 'right team' who posted the supposed 'workaround'. This is complete nonsense. What kind of app would even give the option to delete a password? 


Re-installing the app is not a workaround, it's malfunction. 

Stop bullsh*tting your customers.

Thanks. For nothing. 

Spotify team, are you serious?

Error is known for 9 months and still no solution?

We premium users still pay every month for an unusable app. How about using our money to fix the issue?

Could spotify staff either tell us a workaround that does not include redownloading 7,5 GB of offline music or officially admit that spotify is not able to fix the issue.




This issue still has not been resolved and I've found posts about it going back 8 months. Your "workaround solution" on the progress page does not work. I've been a paying customer for years, just getting back to using my phone. Get your f#$%ing s#$% together, this is insulting to your customers. is my attempt to raise this with clarity.

the workaround doesn't work because the second and third steps no longer exist on the app amd have been replaced. yet the issue is still there and just affected me for the first time.

Hi guys,


I have found a working work around. Finally!


I have Android and what you need to do is only that you will disable permission for mobile data in Android Settings. (Android -> Settings -> Instaled Applications -> Spotify -> Disable data (you can choose between wifi, mobile data, both))


It still does work, I dont even need to login and it works in ONLINE mode 😄 And I can play only downloaded music, because I dont have permission to use mobile data. So, in the end I am not using offline mode at all, I just dont use mobile data! 🙂


And for Spotify team. I am a developer too and I just can't imagine that we will left our applications with such a big problem unrepaired for almost a year? Our customers would kick our as*es.


Please think about it

Nikolas D.

@Nikolas, that is a great idea. ...embarrassed I did not think of it.


You are saying instead of using Spotify's Offline Mode, use Android's ability to deny data usage to the app. For me, I'd just want to deny mobile data.


I would have assumed that Spotify would have complained about lack of Internet (while not in Offline Mode), but you are saying this works fine? Cool!


Of course the Android app setting is more of a hassle if you want to toggle this on and off, but a solution is better than no solution.

I can't figure out how to make that work on my galaxy 8+.

You dont need to disable it using android, you can just simply turn of mobile data. But turining it of using android give you an advice that you can use mobile data for another applications (for example messenger, youtube, email, ...)


I dont know nothing about samsung galaxy (sorry), but I found this SITE and it looks, that you can turn on data saver and allow only some applications which can use mobile data 🙂


EDIT: Sorry I just found out maybe it is not exactly the same thing. But in my phone it looks like THAT


Just, please, dont expect someting really cool. Of course its better then re-download all songs and instal some other applications just to switch modes. Spotify will stay "connected" event without data or wifi, but still it is in mode when to be online is expected. At least we have those little green icons and you can see what is downloaded...

Thanks for finding and sharing this workaround @Daniel.

Even more embarassing for spotify staff that they didn't find out.

No problem guys, please just excuse my English, it is not my native language. I am from Czech Republic 🙂

The amusing thing, to me, is the fact that Spotify had to write something to popup that damned message box. The fact they a) still haven't fixed this, and b) how simple it is to fix (it could be really complicated to fix but I doubt it) makes me laugh.

Just had to delete all of my downloaded songs because of this issue. Ridiculous that Spotify hasn't fixed this or even continued to tell us that they're still working on an actual fix. Now to go the next 2 1/2 weeks of traveling without music because I don't have access to good Wi-Fi to redownload all of my songs. Thanks Spotify!

5 months on and this still appears to be occurring


How come it is still not fixed. I've tried every "suggestion" provided and I still get the error message. It is truly infuriating seeing nothing is fixed and Spotify will not even communicate with their paying customers. Most threads even get marked as solved which is even more aggravating. Spotify has a lot to learn if it wants to survive.

This has only just started to happen on my account, twice in the last week. It's one of a several problems I've had that spotify don't seem to give a **bleep** about. So rather than pay them a tenner a month I've cancelled and am going to sign with Amazon.

and this is the solution and it's been solved, seems legit

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