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can't log in because it says i'm offline


can't log in because it says i'm offline

I somehow was signed out of my spotify acount on my android phone and now when i try to log bak in is says I am set to offline mode which I was on my acount but how am I supposed to go online if I can't sign into my account? My email and password are both correct.

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Can you be more specific about what the solution is?

check your internet connection 

What the heck! It happened to me for the second time now and it is SO FRUSTRATING. What's the point to pay for a Premium account when I can't download the songs to my device? Well, yes, I can, but if I have to re-download every week, it really doesn't make sense.


I can't believe they know about the problem for more than half a year and still weren't able to fix it! What heck are you doing all the time???

This is still happening, it's June, so I'm guessing Spotify isnt doing anything. Why be a premium member?

Yep, looks like it might be time for a change, I'm sick and tired of having to download what I've paid for constantly.... 

Why is this showing up as "solved" when it actually isn't?


Seriously, now hard is it to automatically flip settings back to default upon signing out?

How long does that take to do???????

ive reinstalled the app 4 times now and got to a point where i down load 150 songs and 10 of them work offline and the rest dont. then if i turn my phone off it wont let me log back i going to have to just get my money back and give up on spotify? ive also been on forums on this page for days trying to sort this out. why is there no online or telephone live support?


Same issue here. I'm abroad on vacation, no immediate access to wifi to redownload all my music, and not really interested in spending lots of time on that. Seriously, why am I paying for premium if this issue is open for a YEAR. Is android a second-rate platform for spotify or what is going on?

Just happened to me, the documented workaround doesn't work either and I haven't seen a single person say it worked for them either.


Shouldn't this bug be a higher priority?

Had the same issue many times.

It's over a year and you were not able to fix this issue. This is a major flaw of the Spotify mobile app. And your workaround solution? It's a joke. You have to redownload every single song again.

Simply fix it

I've now had this happen 3 times in the last 5 weeks, I'm now going to look at other options, the lack of response from Spotify just doesn't justify remaining a customer. 

I switched to Deezer because of Spotify ignoring this issue for so long and can recommend them.

I found a solution by going to playstore, looking up spotify as if to uninstall and saw the update option. I updated and found it now showed me online again. Seems obvious but perhaps others may have not tried. 

I will definitely try this next time the issue occurs. Please, if any of you have the issue, try this "update" option INSTEAD of uninstalling the app. Report back what happens!

Not a solution... depends on there happening to be an update. Which there will never be as it's set to auto-update for me.

Did you look at the play store? I thought mine was on auto update as well but still found it had an option to update. If yours does not then your issue is different than mine. Good luck to you.

Did you look at the play store? I thought mine was on  update as well but still found it had an option to update. If yours does not then your issue is different than mine. Good luck to you.

Thanks for a tip. It's up to date in Play store.



By now you will know that the supplied "interim fix" doesn't work.   Perhpas you have something more than sometime soon for a timeframe as to when it will be fixed?

So I'm a premium user.  Just hit this on Android.  I've read this blog.     Seriously, wth.  As I type I'm investigsting switching to Google Music.  Also, I can upload my own stuff to their cloud.   Spotify doesn't do that.  Spotify can't seem to fix bugs after months.   Oh, AND NO SCREENSHOT OF THE PROBLEM BECAUSE OF YOUR CODE.   Good God.  Who writes this stuff.  A high school introduction to programming class?


This is a PAID service.  This uninstall thing is inexcusable.  I do software for a living.  Personally and professionally I'd be be embarrased about this.


You want us to leave.  OK.  Happy to.   Seriously, NO MORE EXCUSES.  WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN FIXED.  

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