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can't log in because it says i'm offline


can't log in because it says i'm offline

I somehow was signed out of my spotify acount on my android phone and now when i try to log bak in is says I am set to offline mode which I was on my acount but how am I supposed to go online if I can't sign into my account? My email and password are both correct.

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Well this is ridiculous. This was posted last year and still hasn't been fixed as I'm having it now. Maybe make sure your app works before you get people to pay money for it? 

I Would like to raise my disappointment that this issue had veen already reported by several users especially those who pays for PREMIUM ACCOUNT but no action was still initiated!! Stop advising us to reinstall the app unless it would retain our playlists downloaded. Come on Spotify! Do something better than that asap to compensate the value our money.

I have the same problem somtimes i fixes itself but its still frustrating that i cannot use somthing i am PAYING for .. can this be fixed ? And even when i am on it i still cant conect and use my profile properly its stupid and plos fix it 

Not sure if they even understand there is still no solution for this yet? Happened again to me this morning: I get in my car to travel to work and want to open Spotify and start the playlist I downloaded. Arghgh this issue again!! I'm unable to login and don't have any time/data now to reinstall and redownload everything. So I toss my phone in slight frustration and switch to radio. I'm a fan of the app and am not cancelling my subscription yet, but it's close...


Now trying this as a workaround: download your playlists; stay in online mode while on the road and play only the playlists that are downloaded. From what I've learned this shouldn't cost you any noticable amount of data (not sure if anyone can confirm if this is true?).

Just close your account and go to Google Play , have not had a single issue since I moved over , The dev team at  Spotify could not care any less about android they are all Apple heads

If you're online and the Playlist ends, Spotify will start playing
"recommended songs" that are not downloaded.

I noticed today a possible better workaround for the problem that eliminates the need for reinstalling the app and re-downloading your music.


I noticed an icon in my settings drawer (Android 8.0) that looks like is the offline status of Spotify. I have not tried it out yet (because the problem has not re-occured to me) but it may be possible that if you are logged out of Spotify while it is set to offline mode, that you are able to put Spotify back in online mode this way, and thus (while still requiring an internet connection) you are able to log in to Spotify without reinstalling / redownloading.


If somebody that experiences this error (frequently) would test this solution and report back, I think it would be appreciated.


Note: It does not solve the original problem of Spotify logging out while being offline, so the Spotify team still has work to do!!






I was not able to get that to work. I couldn't even tell what it was doing.

Coincidentally I just noticed this icon today too. It didn't even occur to me it could help as a workaround, this is a great idea. If the problem happens to me again, I'll try it and report back.

I want to Know this too....

Problem is still going on strong. Ridiculous.


Got the 'cannot connect'/'offline' problem multiple times when trying to logon to Spotify on a Samsung phone.

Tried logging on with a different User/Password and that worked ok.

Then tried the original User/Password again and this time it went into the App.


We turned the 'Offline' setting to 'off' and then tried to play an online track but we still got an 'offline' message.

Tried turning the 'Offline' setting to 'on' and tried to play an online track. Again it didn't play.

Tried resetting the 'Offline' setting back to 'off' and this time the online track played ok.

Able to add the track to a playlist etc.


Maybe we just got lucky and maybe there may be future problems but could be worth a try if you have the same issue.

Clear data then log in. -_- have to re-download all my playlist again. Its already 2018 and they still havent got any solution to this issue. Please spotify. How many times do i have to experience this.

Spotify version


I want to remind everyone of the possible work-around found by @ffs_spotify.


I verify that on my own Android phone, I too see this Spotify service icon in my Android pull-down tray. It allows me to toggle Spotify online/offline mode. Assuming that if I have this problem again, I could use this icon to toggle Spotify back into online mode so I can login.


Of course if you are truly away from any Internet access, this will not solve your problem since you need Internet to login.


If it works, though, at least you don't have to re-download your music--should be a quick "log back in" and get on with you day.


I'd love to hear from folks who have tried this and how it went. Personally, I've not had the issue in a long time.

When I'm on my phone and I hit that button, nothing happens. Spotify stays
in whatever mode it's already in.

That was what my experience was, too. While I have Spotify open, toggling that tray icon does not seem to change the setting. Actually, sometimes it succeeds to put me into offline mode but not back out of it.


However, if I start Spotify and confirm I am not in Offline Mode, then close Spotify (actually close it), use the icon to toggle into Offline Mode, then start Spotify again, I find I am indeed in Offline Mode now. If again, I kill Spotify, then toggle the icon again, I can start Spotify and find I'm no longer in Offline Mode.


So I think it works, but it may not affect the running instance? Weird. I'd go as far as to suggest this is not intended--a bug actually. BUT, from what I described above, I have some confidence that if I find myself stuck in offline mode and needing to log in, maybe I can kill Spotify, then use the icon to toggle out of offline mode. ....just maybe.

Well, I've been hyper-vigilant about making sure Spotify is in online mode
when I'm not in the car, but if it happens again, I will try it.

I don't know how many android updates i had to install since the original post of this problem.

All these updates did not bring any remarkable extra to the client.

The baics must work and not the fancy dancy things !


Tried all the workarouds don't work for me !


I am really close to stop my abo and go back to free subscription. Another month (mid may 2018) is the maximum i will wait for that.


So please put all you effort on fixing this pb and stop working on things your paying customer really don't need. And stop counting on the creativity of your customer to fix your problems.


As a service provider the worst thing that can happen is that your customer can't get access to your service.



Android App Store for Spotify App:
"What's New:
We're always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure
*** They never say what they are doing - who knows if this update or
that update is supposed to solve the offline problem. A bunch of BS like
Microsoft Todo app.
I switched to Google Play Music - and no I am not in the "way better
over here" camp. One huge plus is that once you download music, GPM
plays that music offline. None of this "offline mode" nonsense. That
said, Spotify allows offline to PC where as GPM only allows that on
mobile. I also prefer GPM's ability to upload your music to the cloud -
playable automatically on all devices v. having to deal with that per
device as per Spotify. But Spotify still has spot on integration all
around including Xbox/PS4.
Doing a family trial my son said "GPM is nice but Spotify/Apple has way
more music". Huh? All tout 10s of millions of songs - hard to fathom
what he is saying. But then I did a quick review of Bob Seger who was
dragging his feet with streaming (he agreed I think mid-2017). Guess
what I discovered? GPM has *ONE* album of his [Greatest Hits 2 - that
looked funny] - and the rest are all "live" concerts (don't really look
like official albums). Back to Spotify - looks like all of his albums -
plus 3 compilation including Greatest Hits 1. Bob Seger is a great
tangible example - but if this is the case with one artist - that
definitely says something bad about GPM.
As a software developer i am 100% frustrated with Spotify's lack of
providing what is a key selling point. I also think their implementation
of "offline" sucks wind. When using GPM you say - yes that it how it is
supposed to be - the device knows if the music is local or needs to
stream - perfect! But then, as a developer, I know that once you go with
one path it isn't so easy to double back and change course. A little bit
of me thinks Spotify is spending energy in changing how they do offline
v. fixing an Android problem but ... who knows. One can only hope.
Going to be doing Apple 3mth trial next. IMO the two monsters are Apple
and Spotify - so it is Spotify's to lose if I prefer Apple. I give Apple
credit - they do offer an Android app - good business sense. (But we all
have our own likes and dislikes - I am not 100% that I like Spotify's
curation of music which Apple says they do differently - we will see).
Spotify not fixing offline - bad business sense. Maybe they are too busy
doing IPOs.

Oh great! It did it to me AGAIN today, I downloaded everything last night
and opened it this morning and it won't let me log in. I tried that spotify
off-line button in the drawer but it did absolutely nothing

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