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can't log in because it says i'm offline


can't log in because it says i'm offline

I somehow was signed out of my spotify acount on my android phone and now when i try to log bak in is says I am set to offline mode which I was on my acount but how am I supposed to go online if I can't sign into my account? My email and password are both correct.

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So it appears that the right team has maybe been working on this fix since January 2018, and it's now October.  I've encountered this issue myself while waiting to take off on a flight and would have loved to have access to the music I'm paying for.  This isn't just an annoyance, it's basic lack of functionality.  Google Play is starting to look really good to me.....  

That seems to be the only solution that worked for me since Spotify is acting as if the issue was a pass from Tony Romo... Because the just plain dropped the ball on this issue and dont seem to give to shits about it. Happy with Google Play music it comes with youtube ad free and youtube music ad free

I have not had this Android app issue in quite some time. Maybe it's fixed? But more likely I am just getting lucky for the last several weeks.


In addition to the Android app issue, I have consistent issues with the web player in Chrome on my laptop. It will just stop playing.


In light of these Spotify issues, I too have been exploring Google Play Music as an alternative, and so far it's pretty great. Love the benefit of add-free YouTube, too. Not ready to cancel my Spotify subscription, but they need to AT LEAST officially acknowledge the issue. That goes a LONG WAY towards customer satisfaction. Not being heard is about the worst insult a customer can experience.

Alright, whoever is the smart **bleep** who is playing around with my money every month with my subscription with stupid service, needs to be fired RIGHT NOW!!


If I am PAYING to set my app offline listening my offline playlists, set my phone in airplane mode, to be without internet, or even with my phone turned off...


- WHY in a matter of 45 minutes when I get internet, the app logs me out without any **bleep**ing reason?


- WHY after logging IN with my Facebook Account it says: "You Are Currently set to Offline, Please go Online to Connect to Spotify", and green button "Connect"


- WHY after pressing the green "Connect" button the app gets BLACK SCREEN??


- WHY is still in black screen when 45 minutes ago was working good and right now ,with internet, this shitty crappy app stopped working?


- WHY my downloaded music dissapears from my SD card if I have intenet every night, when as a PREMIUM I am enable to be offline 29 days.


- WHY this garbage stopped working on my S4 Galaxy Samsung phone suddenly without any update involved?


-WHY still paying for this **bleep**?


Do you want me to keep sending money for your **bleep** every month?, then you better fix this**bleep** RIGHT NOW! You have 24 hours! I am tired of this! I don´t tell me to uninstall or do anything because I am not the one getting paid.  I want to turn my phone on tomorrow and I want to see my app running and working perfectly online, offline, airplane mode or whatever I WANT to set things out over my phone.


24 hours!!!


If not, I will cancel subscription and report this app to google play, to android, and whoever is involved so we avoid this smart **bleep** in charge of this, to keep getting money for this useless trash!


Do I look pisses to you?

I don´t care, YOU JUST FIX IT!


24 hours!







It's been months -9 months- and the bug is still there! Congrats!


I am having the same issues and I went looking for an update and it said it updated on Oct 25th.  No update available.


Hello, tho problem is now so old. Why is there no measurement to avoid it?


It's an absolute travesty that Spotify hasn't fixed this in so long. 


But since they don't seem to care, I wanted to share the workaround I've found that appears to prevent it.


The key is to have Spotify be in online mode whenever you either restart your device, or update the app.


So if you need to reboot your phone, out the battery is about to die? Put Spotify online first. If the play/app store says you have an update for Spotify? Online first. Your phone needs to update the OS? Online.


Then after the device reboots, or the app is updated, it can go back to offline mode. There's something about it being offline *while* it updates, or the device reboots, that causes this problem.


My workaround is a pain in the **bleep**, but it does seem to work. I hit this problem regularly for months, but haven't once since following this workaround, so I think I'm onto something.

I am sorry, but the proposed workaround is not a solution. Please, correct the application, so we will be able to switch to online mode before logging. This bug fix lasts too long. Thank You, Stepan

Almost been a year and this hasn't been resolved

Why isn't there an offline/online toggle on the login screen? 


If the app knows it's going to hit you with an unnecessary login prompt after you reboot your phone couldn't it reset to online mode? 


Why can't the app distinguish between your phone having no Internet connection and the setting in the app where you tell it to ignore your Internet connection?


The solution does not work for me.


I am curious what you mean by "We understand the frustration"?


I accept that good customer service involves showing empathy for your customers but @Chris your comment rings hollow. 


You say "If that doesn't work we'd suggest a quick reinstall of the app to get up and running again".


But before I came away on holiday I knew I was going to have an incredibly slow Internet connection so I downloaded my songs, albums and playlists.  An absolute ton of music.  Now I find that I have to reinstall the app, which will just be a bit of a pain right now - my Internet is lamentable - but to access my music with such a slow Internet connection just isn't practical.

I have faced this issue intermittently over the last 2 months. I chatted with their customer care - canned responses and no help. Saw that this thread is basically over a year old at this point - and Spotify hasn't cared to correct this BUG. It's a terrible user experience and extremely inconvenient because most users decide to go into offline mode because they specifically know they won't be able to stream/ download music during that period. I had a 4 hr flight today that I wanted to catch up on a bunch of music and podcasts - thanks to your stupid bug, I couldn't. 


You're not having my business anymore. Was a premium subscription user for the past 2 years. I am cancelling today. You've clearly shown that customer services/ listening to customer feedback is not important. Company's like yours are absolutely abhorrent. 

Been having this issue for years. Every time I have to uninstall, reinstall, and redownload selected albums. I can't believe it hasn't been addressed yet.


With more of my friends starting to use alternatives I'm considering taking my business elsewhere.


This really needs addressing, or at the very least some communication on status. 

Agreed. I am trying to be reasonable about this, too. Obviously a company of this size with this many customers had to stick to priorities--they can't make everyone perfectly happy. However, we are talking about their entire Android customer base here! Also, I doubt this is a terribly complex software issue to solve.


I did not start this thread as a "let's bash Spotify" party. My hope was to bring clarity in hopes of resolution. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, not one official response to this issue in well over a year, and that response was to offer a "workaround" that involved uninstalling the app and losing all your downloaded content.


I am still paying my Spotify family subscription at the moment, but I have to say, I have been paying for the Google Music service for the last 3 months, and am LOVING it. The app works great, but I am a heavy user of the browser player on my laptop. Spotify's browser app was cool, but locked up a lot or simply would not play sometimes. (I have a powerful laptop and latest Chrome.) Google Music works flawless in the browser--even leaving it open for days and survives suspend even.


Again, it was not my intention to drive people away from Spotify, but Spotify, you gotta throw us a bone here for crying out loud! It's probably too late to retain me as a customer at this point, but I will continue to follow this thread.

Based on the numerous posting about this issue for quite a long time, it seems that Spotify doesn’t think this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

The only way to resolve this is to reinstall the app which deletes the music I downloaded so I could listen to it offline.

Basically, with this app, if you want to listen to music offline, then be prepared to pay to reload it.

The yearly subscription is not worth the extra cost and headache. I doubt if your competitors are having are having the same problems.

It’s not worth renewing the subscription.

Richard Williams

I've been having this issue for a month or so now, it's really annoying, I don't want to keep Spotify online because it eats my data plan fast, it shouldn't though, cause I only listen to the music I download.


Anyway, you don't need to uninstall and reinstall the app to "fix the issue" (it doesn't fix it its just a work around). Just go to de app info on the android settings and erase the stored data, this way the app resets to online an you can logg in.


However this is a big problem and it doesn't seem like the company wants to fix it, and we should all consider moving to a better service. 

  • a couple days ago I clicked on my spotify app and then it logs me out and take me to the log in page then I log in as normal and it says my username and password is wrong. I know for a fact that the user name and password it right 100%. I can’t reset the password because I don’t remember the email that I used for this account so I can’t reset the password by email or facebook because i don’t have a facebook. I don’t want to make a new account because I want to have my playlists.

Hey @lillyweaverr - surely you can remember every email account you've ever owned?  Just work your way through them one-by-one until you find the one that allows you to recover your Spotify account.

@lillyweaverr : Uninstall the app and then reinstall it and use your user name / password combo that you remember. That ways you'll still get to keep your playlists.

But I have to redownload all the music to take offline. Which if I'm already offline means no music until I'm online and can redownload. That's the biggest problem. A quick uninstall and reinstall in itself isnt too bad.

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