can't log in because it says i'm offline


can't log in because it says i'm offline


I somehow was signed out of my spotify acount on my android phone and now when i try to log bak in is says I am set to offline mode which I was on my acount but how am I supposed to go online if I can't sign into my account? My email and password are both correct.

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The workaround of re-entering my password is not working for me. And for all the reasons everyone else has given I am using offline mode for a reason and I don't want to have to download everything again.


2019 - and still have this issue?? wth. 

Galaxy Note9 Oreo.


So I can't even take a one week trip to somewhere with an unreliable wi-fi connection, choose to put Spotify on offline mode so it won't keep auto-downloading stuff on this very limited wi-fi, and the app locks me out of it?!

  • I do not want to reset my password everytime this happens because Spotify is working just fine on my computer, this is a stupid workaround AND it did not even work
  • The Facebook login does not work
  • Reinstalling the app and data is also a very stupid way to solve this, even though it was the only thing that worked

Why is this issue so complicated it's taking YEARS to solve?!


Just had this issue this morning. Spotify is by far the top user of my Android battery even when it's not running. The only solution I found to reduce this was to go offline. So I downloaded thousands of songs, then switched to offline. This morning I woke up and found I couldn't log in at all. The only solution was to reinstall. 


Either fix the battery issues (or allow disabling of Spotify Connect) or fix the login issue. 


That said, I have little hope this will be fixed, so I'm likely jumping to Google Play music instead. 


My proposed solution:


A quick uninstall of Spotify, and an install of Google Play will solve the problem for you. 


Its been a year and the issue has yet not been resolved!!!!


**bleep** happened to me just when I'm in the middle of nowhere and no wifi. Can't even use mobile as I'm out of country. Are the IT that lazy in fixing this issue? 


This really sucks.. it has been so long and the issue hasn't been fixed, two days ago I just re downloaded over 6thousand songs and now I'm at work and having this issue..theres no way I can re install to listen to music or even download. really makes no sense they haven't done anything about this issue, it's frustrating 


Nice Admin, this is no Solution and no Workaround.

Im a Programmer and i cant understand why this takes so much time to fix, just store the login credentials encrypted on the used device so the app can verify the login credentials while being offline. THIS, MY FRIEND IS WHAT I CALL A SOLUTION.


Im paying 15€/Month since over 1 Year for my Family Pack and im not the only one paying for Spotify, get your sh*t done or we will leave with 5 Members soon!


I was sitting in a Train and had no Internet for around 3 Minutes and after that i couldnt use Spotify until i came home and it took me a few hours to Download all the Stuff, this is a disaster, so much wasted time and you cant tell me this problem cant be solved. Its a shame that this small thing takes a so long time, but sending Bills works fine huh?


This user found a solution that requires changing just one setting in a Spotify config file. Problem - only works if you're root. So - why can't Spotify solve the problem by just clearing this flag when a user is logged out?



Change {"offline_mode":true} to 




THANK YOU for posting this! I'm not going to root my phone, but this info should be very helpful to the Spotify devs if they'll ever look at this!


I'm convinced 99% of the Spotify executives and developers must personally use iPhones or surely they would CARE about this issue--an issue which evidence suggests should be relatively easy to fix.


Just wanted to let the Spotify peeps know that this bug has rendered the offline mode COMPLETELY USELESS AND IMPOSSIBLE TO USE. The other day I just wanted to listen to my already downloaded music on offline mode, and it played ONE SONG and logged me out of the app. Had to reinstall everything.



Just got the dreaded login/ offline mode bug. It's been a while but here it is. My S9 Plus updated to Android Pie and that was enough to trigger it apparently. I've attempted the workaround of removing my password and reentering it (I very much doubt that does anything). I actually had hope that it might be an easy fix now that the offline mode trigger is available in the notification panel but it only allows me to turn it on, not off.


Guess a full reinstall is in my future. The suggestion that a quick uninstall and install is all it takes is nuts as it then takes hours to download at the albums again (8k songs downloaded).


I just find it so hard to believe that this STILL hasn't been fixed after all these years.


I know this is the a "community" forum, but why can't anyone from Spotify address the community in this thread to at least say, "We acknowledge the issue. We plan to fix it. We care are about you, customer."?


What options do we have to get their attention? I want to be professional and respectful.


What if every one of us started sending a weekly tweet to @SpotifyCares with just a link to this thread? How many of us would it take to draw official attention?






So I did send another message to @SpotifyCares, and got this reply in a few minutes:


"Hey Troy, we hear you. Rest assured, the right team has been made aware. We hope to have a fix soon. Let us know if we can help with anything else /XJ"


At the least, this sounds like an official acknowledgement.

At best, we could have a fix in an update soon.


Just had it happen again. Restarted my phone this morning and it decided I had logged out... Honestly pretty sick of this. This is definitely my main gripe with Spotify and now that download storage is up to 10,000 songs, it makes it that much more annoying to have to do a reset.


Said something similar over a year ago.



Yep, that's pretty unacceptable unfortunately.


Well, I did it. I cancelled my Spotify family subscription over this issue. I'm a very patient guy, and am gracious when it comes to software bugs...but there are limits.


Between the Android Offline Mode bug and a browser client issue causing playback to stop in the Chrome browser set me on the search for satisfaction. I was able to find that satisfaction in a Google Play Music subscription.


I think Spotify's song selection, and features are industry-leading. It's too bad their technical issues allowed me the opportunity to date around.


I'm not advocating for a mass-exodus! My hope is they get these things resolved and perhaps even apologize for ignoring their large Android user base for so long. I hope the folks who do cancel their subscriptions raise some awareness at the top. It is, however, too late for me.


the problem persists even more than after a year .... what do the developers do? For example - The app logs me off itself (why??!!), I happen to be in offline mode - and I'm ...lost.  That´s really horrible ....  Radek


Hi, thanks for that post. I didn't try it because I read it to late. Solved the problem by deleting the cache but the downloaded music is gone.

I have the suspicion that spotify doesn't want to solve the problem. Every time I downloaded more music for vacation for example I get problems with spotify. First time everything was deleted because of too many devices registered, second time the "offline issue".

Is there anyone who can support that suspicion?

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