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can't log in because it says i'm offline


can't log in because it says i'm offline

I somehow was signed out of my spotify acount on my android phone and now when i try to log bak in is says I am set to offline mode which I was on my acount but how am I supposed to go online if I can't sign into my account? My email and password are both correct.

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I Lost all my f***ng songs after reinstalling! Please do something about this! It's not getting convenient already.

This exactly is the real issue. You lose all data, and playlists! 

Just because of some stupid developer uses an Iphone and hates android or something like that.


ps. they are nuts, it is a paid service And yet again, downloading illegal music gives a better user experience !



Dear Spotify,


the offline login issue is known from the 2017 year, at least. I just don't get why you don't fix it or state that you don't know how to do it or simply say it cannot be solved. Since the workaround you provide doesn't work for most of the users, including me. And yes, I am using an Android phone, S9 Note updated with Android Pie version.


So, please stop saying that is a known bug and asking us to vote to reveal that is a widespread issue since there are dozens, if not more, topics on the Spotify community. So, it is hard to believe that you don't recognize that it is a general problem. If, so please provide a statistics report since you should have one if you are professionals of course.


FYI, it is a headache to re-install the application and then re-download all the offline music that has more than 30GB. I am a premium user and expect adequate service and support from you!


Looking forward to hearing your official position on this one and with a simple solution for all the Spotify users. 


P.S. don't copy paste your official reply that we see for the past 2 years. Bear in mind there is a limit for all. You are not the only option in this industry.


Yours sincerely,

premium customer.

You guys are ridiculous


Making Spotify connect require an internet connection defeats the entire reason for allowing downloaded music!


I can't use on a plane or even on long drives through areas that dontd have internet.


Who runs things there?



how about now

For me the same with my Galaxy S8+ running official Android 9. Also for me it's a big challenge to reinstall and adhoc find time to download all offline songs again and again and again. 


Sad that Spotify even doesn't the community ask for failure reports .


It seems to me Spotify is using this as a feature not a bug. Mayne to force users to clean up their database as Spotify has lost some rights or so ...

It has been years and this issue hasn't been solved. I have no idea who you guys hire in the tech department but this has convinced me to never consider working there. I'm also switching to one of your competitors at the end of this month's subscription.

Happened to me too while in the airplane total BS. Time to move away from Spotify.

It seems like they really should some this issue... Makes them look really bad

Thanks, I hate it

It's May 2019, until now the issue has not been resolved yet.

How on earth is this still not fixed after over a year? With the amount of updates that you make us download for this app it should have been fixed long ago. I've had to reinstall the app 3 times in the last 12 hours. This is absolutely unacceptable. For starters I should not even be logged out every time I stop using the app for an hour. Then to compound it, I have to reinstall the app because your login function can do a simple toggle between online and offline? Fix it.

I've started experiencing this issue in the last few weeks and it's extremely annoying. reinstalling the app doesn't mean your playlist are still on your phone!

it's just done it to me again this morning before my 2hr commute and im going to have no music now! 


I've basically gone the full. month without a working account and because of this issue one of the time it just started working when I wasn't aware, redownloading all my music to my phone instead of my sd card whilst I was on mobile data and wiped my phone of data with a week and a half until my data was renewed!


not happy at all. 

I today found out about this stupendous bug... Put Spotify in offline mode when travelling abroad by car (to avoid downloads) , and I restarted my phone when I arrived at my destination. Now I cannot start up Spotify anymore and cannot access my 20GB of downloaded songs! 

And the workaround that is described in another thread doesn't work. The only option that is left seems to be to remove and reinstall the app (the standard solution to any problem at the Spotify helpdesk), but then I will lose all downloaded songs and have to manually download all songs again. 

Incredible that this is STILL not fixed yet! I see this as huge middle finger to your customer base!


Its 2019 and this problem as been there since 2017 and is not yet corrected.. that stupid 

So, even before reading the posts about reinstalling etc., and I ran through my usual list of to do’s when then application starts to go sideways on me.  I opened and closed the app. When that didn’t work I shut down my iPhone and restarted it and, when that didn’t work, I reinstalled Spotify. Having done that, the problem now is even worse because I can’t even login to the app. At least before I had access to my lists.  Having read some of the feedback on this issue now, it appears that when I finally do get to login I am going to have to reload all of my lists which is going to be a real pain. 


I had downloaded a bunch  of podcasts that I could listen to while on vacation and walking my dog.  Week one was fine and then today I ran into this and “problem “ that I am off-line when I’m not. I need a solution ASAP. 

Sorry to break it to you, but ASAP is going to be just that: "as soon as possible". Also known as "whenever".

ASAP... I have been awaiting a resolution to this issue for years...
Literally. I doubt whether it will ever be resolved at this point.

It's been over a year since this problem has been brought up with still no fix, which for me is a deal breaker. I'm cancelling my subscription because whats the point? The lack of customer support is absolutly atrocious. It's been over 2 years on this problem and the only fix is to unistall and reinstall.... and these people actually get paid for this!? Just absurd, im not paying a subscription just to be told to delete and redownload everything because the Dev's are lazy at this point. I pay to listen offline but when i do it disconnects me and this problem arises, i feel that's bordering on false advertisement because that's not the first time something on Spotify premium(in which im a paid subscriber to) has failed to follow through in the services I'm paying for. If your only fix as progammers or developers is to uninstall and reinstall then i think it's time to look for new staff. Seriously awful customer service from a company that just seems to get worse and worse. I'm not paying for a product to do the opposite of what it's selling point is and that's exactly what's happening here. Many times have i tried to listen to songs of downloaded through premium only to have them say that my phone is "offline", in which i have to turn that setting on, to set my phone to offline so i can listen to maybe half of the songs i downloaded and in doing so the app had one day decided to sign me out mid song and not let me back on because i was forced to have it set to offline mode even though I have premium. Nothing about that is right at all, I shouldn't be paying monthly to have to do that. Unfortunately what i post won't change anything, pretty sure this once great service has now gone down the drain with blatant greed. So thanks to the geniuses at spotify coming up with the "uninstall-reinstall fix", something I'd rahter just stop paying your company than to do. And if you think that "workaround" actually works,then just go work in fast food instead, tech support clearly is not for you.

This is still an ongoing thing nd I will be cancelling my subscription to your app be ause of lack of customer care. the troubleshooting steps you guys gave is not working and looks like you are just in it for the money. I want a refund for the months that I can't log in and listen to my songs because even if we are not using the app you still charged us for it through oir payment method. You suck! Unbelievable! 

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