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can't log in because it says i'm offline


can't log in because it says i'm offline

I somehow was signed out of my spotify acount on my android phone and now when i try to log bak in is says I am set to offline mode which I was on my acount but how am I supposed to go online if I can't sign into my account? My email and password are both correct.

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You should download your favorite playlists so you can listen offline. That is what I do.

Are you kidding, @-n9hkcgr_s907? That's the whole point here. We are using the offline mode to listen to our downloaded playlists. When this issue raises its ugly head, you can't even listen to downloaded music because the app wants you to re-login, but fails because you are in offline mode.


Personally not an issue for me because Google Music is working great for me. I liked Spotify better, but this issue ruined it for me and many others.

This is the stupidest thing any company has ever done.... Offline mode requires online access


Which is what i had done but even with premium it doesn't let me listen to those playlists which i obiviously download because that is the topic at hand here, but spotify kicks me out and makes me login again(which isn't possible without internet so if it happens on the go you're **bleep** for the time) and even when i do login again, i get a message telling me i can't sign in because I'm in offline mode, which was how I listened to those same downloaded playlists but not it's preventing me from logging back in and the only solution i get from support is to redownload gb's worth of my spotify music or genius such as yourself giving obvious and redundant things that any simpleton would have long since tried. Don't quit your day job for online tech support.

I'm getting really fed up with Spotify. I can't understand why Spotify isn't able to solve this problem that's occuring for such a long time. This morning the problem changed. I hoped the problem was solved but I should've known better...... I can't login (because I'm offline) Spotify sends me a mail with a link  to login. This link should be valid for 4 hours. When I click the link is says the link isn't valid anymore. No Spotify for me today... Terrible customer care....



Extremely annoying. And sorry, reinstalling and redownloading all my playlists is not an acceptable solution. Get someone on your product team to prioritize this bug.

Almost two years now...

I had the same problem. You are right, it is frustrating.
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Hey all,


If you are experiencing any issues with logging in while the app is set to offline mode, please take a look at this thread.


This is a known issue and while there currently isn't a fix for it, there is a workaround in the thread linked above that should help.

Should you still not be able to log in to your account, we'd recommend you also take a look at this support article for further tips and tricks. 


We've blocked replies to this topic for now. If you have any further questions, make sure to create a new thread in the relevant help board here.


Thanks for your understanding and have a nice day!

I'm posting this because this is the second time this has happened to me over the course of 5 or 6 months, and still no fix. There is a thread about this same issue here already, but it's 30 pages of people complaining and threatening to leave Spotify so a moderator came in marked it as solved and it was buried to the archives of unhelpfulness, because the "solved" page you're brought to gives you zero relevant information.


I was able to actually get some progress to this issue... to an extent. So if you're like me the problem with this is that by uninstalling, or clearing your data you lose 1000s of downloaded songs. And if you're like me you're in a place where the internet is from 1996 and to download those thousands of songs again would take close to a month. It's bad news bears.


Well I haven't found out how to stop Spotify from randomly logging you out. Nor have I solved how to make Spotify undo the "offline mode" feature that stops you from logging back in in the first place. That's going to be on the coders. So any coders if you read this, there's a problem there that was hasn't been fixed in at least 2 years. What I have fixed is how to keep your downloaded songs so you don't have to take a year to re-download them all.


How to save your songs if this issue happens to you (if you have a PC):



Step 1: Hook phone up to PC with USB and make it so you can look inside it.

Step 2: depending on whether you have your songs saved on your phone or you SD card you need to go to that directory. So: Phone/SD Card > Android > data > > files > spotifycache > Storage. In here you'll find a ton of folders labeled with letters and numbers. These are your songs.

Step 3: copy these folders to a new folder on your desktop or somewhere else you can access easily. (note there are many other files in the other directories before this, but after trying to move them into my phone directory it would just sign me back out and not let me log back in, so don't do that).

Step 4: Now is when you delete your data or uninstall spotify and re-install it so you can log back in.

Step 5: once you're logged back in, go to the folder where you moved all your song folders to. With your phone still attached to your PC via USB go back to: Phone/SD Card > Android > data > > files > spotifycache > Storage, and drag and drop/paste the folders back into that folder.

Step 6: When you go back Spotify you'll see none of your playlists are shown downloaded. I think that's because one of the other files tells Spotify to mark your songs as downloaded or not. So Spotify believes that all your songs are offline still. Well just go to the playlists you know you've downloaded and click the download button. You should see your the songs popping up as "downloaded" very quickly as all the data is still there.



I know this isn't the best fix, but for me and my 56 kb/s dial up internet it was the fix I needed. Like I said, I know there's a thread about this already, but the fix that was posted before it was closed doesn't help at all. This will at least save your downloaded playlists.


Good luck out there. And hopefully if a mod sees this you can maybe merge it with the other thread so that this will be the last post. I just wanna help those people out there with crappy internet and a semi-broken "Premium" product.







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I can't turn off my offline mode. Can you help me?

Hey there! 🙂

Please take a look at the reply from @v-wy318_9wqbh.

It should help you out.

In case the issue persists, do let us know!

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