can't share playlist on my artist page

can't share playlist on my artist page

Can't copy a playlist I made on my personal page to my artist profile page. I copied the link from the playlist to the empty box below "artist playlists" on my artist profile page, but without any luck. The green "save" - button remains inactive. 

It also doesn't appear when I scroll down the playlists with similar names.


This is the playlist:

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Hi there @Wouter1975!


Thanks for coming to the community with this. You may have looked at this already but here's a link to a thread (it's also a little dated) that may hopefully provide some answers:

That's a really nice playlist by the way!


Best wishes,




Thanks, but I don't find an answer to my problem in that thread. I still don't know how to transfer the playlist from my personal page to my artist's page. Copy/pasting the playlist link doesn't work.

I have this exact same problem, I can not populate any of my playlists with the URI or the URL when pasted in from copying from the Spotify app into the "Artist Playlist" field. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 8.06.20 PM.png

Happend to me!

Once you make the playlist, it takes one or two days to appear in spotify artists. So you should be able to share it soon!

except I made this playlist in 2017.... 😞

it's very strange to me that other users playlists seem to populate when I search for my artist name, but only my Spotify generated "This Is Slighter" playlist shows right now...

Lol.. That's wierd.. You sure you made it public?

Yep, all my playlists are not "private". This is the playlist I've been trying to add:

And this is my profile I made them from:

Got this from Artistsupport, will share for others experiencing this 'glitch':


Our Technical team is aware of this and currently working hard to find a fix. 

We’re afraid we don’t have an exact time frame, but hopefully it shouldn’t be long before things are back up and running! 

So there you have it. Hang tight I guess.

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