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cancled substcription is still active and charging again!?

cancled substcription is still active and charging again!?



my subscription is reniwing every 24th.

On 21.Jan.2017 i have cancled subscription online and everything looked fine.

Finaly they said its sad that i leave, but they send me a good bye song for free. kind of we will be happy to see you again.

I was also happy that cancleing is realy that easy for these new internet subscriptions without looong period runtime....other then old style contracts.

Spotify is realy that easy you can come and go it feels like....

Now a couple of days later i got paypal info that my account was charged again with € 9,99!?


Now when i look at my account details nothing looks i ever have cancled it. There stands next charg will bei 24.2.2017!!!??? **bleep** is spotify doing here?

They let me cancle only - told me its cancled but in background they are ignoring it and charging again even if i cancled BEFORE new periode started!?


Its even not possible to talks or write to someone...they linked me to this forum.

Spotify sorry but this is not the way we will have future together.


What do i have to do to cancle such a subscription if the cancle process itself is not working proper!!!!!


I want an answer and i want it fast - i hope someone from spotify track messages here!


By the way, i was unable to post a message here with my facebook user (which is the one my subscription is running on). I only could use my other user which has no premium subscription!




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Hey @MasterFuba,


The first thing to do is check your email for a Confirmation Email. Each user receives one after cancelling their Spotify subscription.

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nope, i have no email!?
But why did they finaly after the cancle process have told me they are
sorry that i last gift they give me a good bye playlist for free.
Do they try to distract the cancle process so people think its cancled even
if the realy do nothing at this stage!?

Can someone at spotify look into my account fuba@chello,at (facebook sign
in) and check what happend?
I don't want to pay theses € 10,- bucks for a service i do not use anymore!

It feels like spotify is fooling people with a fake sign off!
New periode starts today and i DONT WANT IT ANYLONGER!

I have done the steps again and received now a message - but as stated
before i have done the same steps a couple of days before.


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