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cant log in/all songs and playlists gone

cant log in/all songs and playlists gone



Hey guys, I did a contact form as couple of days ago but thought I'd post on here.


This account has been made since I can't login to my actual account which was face booked linked.


Up until a week ago everything was fine my premium account was great.


Then I could login but my playlists were gone... And some playlists I never created with no titles were there with music I never listen to.


Now I can't login... On windows or android...





8 Replies

I shoul add eith error code 410 showing.

Hi there,


Welcome to the Community.


In order for us to help you with this, we'll need to run through security questions in private.

If you could let us know the case # you received when you got in touch using the online form, then we'll get back to you over e-mail.



For Twitter support, find us at @SpotifyCares.

Follow me on Spotify.


Thank you

mellowmoon - Your case has come through, you should hear back shortly.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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I have been enjoying speakers (2) to enjoy all my music by Spotify, U-Tube songs,

Godvine's good music and all their fact all things, that require sound....DO NOT GET ANY SOUND AT ALL ! Please help me, I love my music and especially Spotify, playing music while I am on the computer or Facebook. It "WS" really neat. I pay extra to get Spotify, and am wasting good money, let alone not enjoying my music and posts with U-Tube songs to hear !!!!!!It must just be something minor, I hope, cause it has always been fine up until 7-1-13 !!!!! [Snip-Email(Privacy)-Peter], please reply asap...I miss the sound. Sent 4th of July e-cards, but don't even know if they heard the sound, sure hope so...Hope it only my computer's problem !

What is inapropriate in my message....I did not say anything out of line......

This is ridiculous.....just talk to me and try to give me some help on my matter at hand....

Just going to hide your email address to stop you getting spammed, are you getting any error messages at all? 



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