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cant log into my premium account!

cant log into my premium account!

Ive had spotify for ages, its always been connected to my ipad. However my ipad has logged me out and now my username and password wont be accepted. What i didnt realise is that i had this free account that is also linked to the same email address i believe! How do i get back onto my premium account?!
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Same thing happening to me, on my premium account (different from this one). Can't login with Facebook, 'incorrect username or password' and can't even check account overview online.

How can our premium accounts just disappear?! I tried to connect with facebook too and 'error 404' appeared... if you figure out how to fix this problem please let me know!

Same problem here. Day 3 now without access and still awaiting a reply from support.

I have also the same problem... few week ago i had to change my secound facebook account to a fan page. Now i cant no morre log in on my premium account.. but i still pay every month:-(  **bleep**yng bad.. somebodey can help me???

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