change address spotify family


change address spotify family


Hi, I created a spotify family account and when he asked for address i typed casual data. I sended invitations to my family members and now spotify ask for the address data to them. how can i change / see what i typed?

can anyone help me? thank you

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I have the same problem, my brother got kicked out family plan because he can't verify the address that i typed upon registering family plan. I forgot what i typed. And to have to create a new account so you can register a family member is pretty stupid.

And still no one from spotify could explain? Poor service!

Ya when i called the solution was to cancel my account and open with a new address?
The guy who programs spotify must be on dope.

I got mine sorted out! I called the cs and she was really helpful. She cancelled my subscription and asked me to resubscribe and it worked!
Basically what you need to do is to cancel your subscription, resubscribe the family plan, and then invite your family members again. Doing so will give you the option to input a new address.


In 2017 I find this to be a really bad design choice. I see where they are coming from with this, but honestly? Cancelling a subscription and resubbing to change an address (e.g. when you move)? Even my ISP can change the delivery address on a running contract ...


I have the same problem. Is this problem resolved? 


I tried this one but did not work 😞 


But when you cancel your subscription, you pay twice in the month no? or you need to match it with the correct date on which the sub plan falls to limit the damages, isn't it?

Anyone to confirm?

I can't join Spotify support. I need help: can't have my family access my invite because (supposingly) the address doesn't match. I have no way to update my address > loophole... please fix it


This is the most stupid decision made by Spotify! everyday is worst!

Can anyone from Spotify says something???


We can do some pressure here!"207470"%5D




Same problem, with this change my kids are not able to access their accounts. It is frustrating not having a support option to get real help. It is a very bad control, i mean, is the address a way to ensure everyone is living in the same place? at the end is a matter of ethics with or without an address control.




Try updating your address using this link:


Then invite your family members again. 🙂


This worked for my family. Thanks!


I already cancelled everything and was left with my basic free acct and I still can't change my address, where do i do that???

You cant.
No address change unless you make a new account.


For the guy, who deregistered- registered again:


I've already tried this.

(Because we moved to an other address)

But for me, its still not working.

Could you please share the details?


Thank you in advance!


I have the exact same problem. If you were able to correct please let me know.



I could not solve the problem, I had to cancel my old account and create a new one.


So unsubscribing spotify family and re-subscribing (and paying again) on the same account won't let you change the address?

That is correct, I mean, if you unsubscribe you will have to wait until subscription due date, then if you use the same account to subscribe again it is not going to ask for a new address it will keep the one that is already configured, nice….

So the only way It works for me was to create a new user (new account) and then invite my kids and wife with the same user they had before, so they did not loose their playlists but I did.
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Hello everyone,


It’s not possible to change the address registered on an existing Premium for Family plan. If you move or enter the wrong details, you need to create a new account (make sure you cancel the plan on your old account beforehand, and sign out everywhere) and subscribe to Premium for Family on that new account.


Let me know if you have any questions. Happy listening 🙂

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