change address spotify family


change address spotify family

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Hi, I created a spotify family account and when he asked for address i typed casual data. I sended invitations to my family members and now spotify ask for the address data to them. how can i change / see what i typed?

can anyone help me? thank you

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This is extremely inconvenient and stupid. A PREMIUM member can not view or edit their address? Your sudden policy for family plan had me changed to Apple music instead. Thanks.


First of all, I like Spotify very much but the fact that you cannot change a family address is absolutely ridiculous!! There is not other service (except power suppy or something) that forces you to shut down your account if you move! When you move and you want to get your newspaper elsewhere, you can. Especially with the competition of other such like services, the choice of Spotify to not allow me to change my family information is crazy. Also I have not seen one good reason for this choice. 

In other words: Spotify change this!! 

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Please at least, let us see our own addresses. Because i cant remember what I entered 1 year ago and I cant add my mother as a family member. For example I dont know if I entered "Street", "St." or "Str." etc... 


We're paying much for family membership over a year but If you dont let me to use Spotify, I wont pay more. 


Waiting for your reply. Thank you.


I'd like to chime in here too... one of my family members was requested to update her address as it didn't match mine.


In my account, i can see that my zip code is 83101 - which is Wyoming. I have never lived there, so how that is my zip code is beyond me. All I can think of is that I might have been travelling in Wyoming last year when I set up the family plan..


but the fact that I can't change that to match my actual address is absolutely retarded. I have been using spotify for years, I've been a paid member since pretty much as soon as they arrived in Australia. 


BUT, if they are going to force me to close my account and create a new one (thereby losing all my playlists I've spent years building up), I'd much rather move to another service (Apple Music) and do all that legwork there. 


Honestly, why are we even being forced to consider this? What a stupid policy! 


Spotify, get your ** BLEEP ** together and treat your customers with the respect they deserve.