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changing login information

changing login information

hi, im a premium user of spotify. Recently i decided to unlink my facebok account and create an actual account with username. But since I originally created my account via facebook, i now have to reset my password (as told here:


Then the issue came. I filled in my facebook login email, which is a Yahoo account from a long time ago, and was expecting a email for instructions on resetting my password, but I can't seem to recieve the email at all. I double checked the email i provided to spotify, and tried sending an email myself to that Yahoo account and it recieves just fine. So i assume something went wrong at the sender end. If anyone have had the same issue before plz let me know how to solve it. THX

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follow up: lol, i just got an email from Spotify to my Yahoo mail saying I've earned the "1 Topic Badge", but why can't I receive the password reset email... I'm so confused...

Hey! So the first thing that comes to mind would be checking your spam folder, sometimes important emails end up there so it’s worth a shot! Since other emails seem to be going through it doesn’t sound like there’s a typo, so I don’t think thats the issue. 


If its not appearing in your spam folder either, contacting support might be your best bet.


Hope you figure it out 🙂 

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