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charged twice a month for 9 months.

charged twice a month for 9 months.

Ive been getting charged twice a month since i tried to downgrade my account.   Spotify wont let me call them, they wont call me.     This is awful customer service.

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What payment method is used? What exactly did you try to do? Are you using one account or multiple?


These are quite a few important questions before anyone can take a look at this. 

thats why im trying to speak to a representative.   it would vey quickly solve my issue.

Yeah I understand. If it's PayPal, check your 'active subscriptions' via the website. Maybe it created 2 auto payments resulting in you paying double. If it's already payed I guess the forum/community won't be able to help. 


Hope it gets resolved quickly!

its credit card.     i swapped from family to individual. and now its charging me for both every month.

It is indeed rather frustrating to find info about this, the guides don't give a lot of info. When you login and check the Subscription page, there is only 1 active subscription stating Premium or does it still show Family? And is your double payment reflected on the Receipts page?

If you can see it in Receipts on your Spotify profile page it would mean it is still active on their end. If you can't see it in there, I guess the automatic payment was never cancelled and as such the credit card kept paying. In this case ask your CC provider to stop paying the 15 EUR (or USD or...) and only leave the 10 EUR one running, then contact spotify again asking for a refund for the last 9 months showing them the CC receipts. 

Have you tried: then at the bottom right Start Chat? They can't ignore that 😉 

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