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charged twice for an Spotify Premium Account...

charged twice for an Spotify Premium Account...



I was charged twice for the Spotify Premium Abo. I did purchase today. I got 2 E-Mails Order Confirmation from Spotify and 2 E-Mails from PayPal for the payment confirmation. I filled out the form at PayPal for refund.


I only have one account at Spotify and only want to pay once!

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Hi skullking71- Welcome to the Community. 


Those two charges are both linked to your Spotify account. It's likely that you accidentally pressed the subscription button twice.


Not to worry though, our system has taken account of both payments and has extended your Premium subscription to two months. This means that you will not be charged again on your next billing date.


However, if you had only intended to subscribe for one month, just drop an email over to us via the contact form

hy meredith


ok, thanks for youranswer. It's ok, the solution you describe works for me.

best regards,


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