chnage of country

chnage of country


my account is set to the Uk, now i have moved to australia and would like to upgrade to premium but it wont allow me to chnage my countr/region



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Hi @lrd1992

If you're updating your payment details to subscribe to Premium, you should be able to do it by following these steps:!/article/How-can-I-change-my-country-setting/


I am having the exact problem, 


I have a UK premuim account and now I'm living in Australia I want to update the payment details. I have tried all 3 ways recommended by the website to no avail. 


My problem is I am moving from Australia to Denmark and am trying to change to a danish credit card. I have tried all the steps in recommended without any results. 


As of now the page with which one changes the country is still loading... This is five minutes in. My payment needs to be paid as my Premium will be discontinued if not. I need my playlists for work. 


Has anybody just tried Paypal instead. I would rather just have it being paid from my Credit Card but what other option are there if the payment system doesn't work! Getting a little frustrated:(



Hey @Lyndsey777777 and @noshareholders, welcome to the community!


Let's try something a little different. First let's clear your internet browser's cookies/cache and then cancel your current subscriptions here. Once that is done, clear your internet browser's cache/cookies again and then go to your link below to subscribe again:






Let me know how it goes!

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