dashboard not reflecting yesterdays streams (verified artist)

dashboard not reflecting yesterdays streams (verified artist)






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Yesterday, I was monitoring my live active listeners and had more than usual which had me very excited to check on my stats today but my stats don't reflect the uptick in active listeners. I am not sure if my stats updated at all today.


Has anyone else experienced this problem?





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Hello! Thanks so much for your question.


Were you by any chance checking your stats before 3 pm Eastern Standard Time? That's when artist stats get updated each day, so if you were to check now it should reflect the change in your listener count! 


You might also want to consider checking out this artist FAQ, you may be able to find some other information that could help you figure out why your numbers haven't gone up.


Hope I was able to help!

No, I was checking at about 4pm+ EST. The following day, my streams for both days appeared in one.


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