dear spotify, please allow us to change our usernames :(


dear spotify, please allow us to change our usernames :(

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my username is literally dumbjoduck which i thought was cute back in 2014 ;-; now that i'm kind of getting into trying to promote my playlists, i can't be more frustrated because of how childish it sounds. i'm even embarrassed to share my playlists with my friends due to this. do let us change our usernames soon i'm sure everyone would appreciate it! xx 

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this is a real problem. why can't we change our user name? should we delete our account and start a new one, i can't see any other option.

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Hey, @user-removed and @jellymbk -


It is currently impossible to change your Spotify username, sorry 😞


Instead, you can connect your Facebook account with Spotify, so your Facebook username can be displayed to others;


Here are the instructions:


Please let me know if you need anything else 🙂