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decoupling Spotify account from FB

decoupling Spotify account from FB

I initially signed up for a free Spotify account through Facebook. Now I want to upgrad to a premium account and decouple from Facebook. I want to use the same email address associated with my Facebook and initial free Spotify account. Spotify's help page says to contact Spotify to release my email address for the new account. But, everytime I contact Spotify through it's online form, it replies that I need to go to the help page that says i have to contact Spotify to release ... etc. It's an endless loop with no actual progress on releasing my email address. Anyone have a solution?

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Hey @sloanman, welcome to the Spotify Community!

If you are trying to contact support but you get an email directing you back to the Community or help pages, reply to the email (even if it is a no-reply!) and Spotify support will contact you within two business days (please give them some extra time since it is the holiday season).

You can also directly message SpotifyCares on Facebook or Twitter!

Happy listening, enjoy the holidays 🙂

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