discover weekly often repeating same songs

discover weekly often repeating same songs


i used to love my "discover weekly" playlist. I found very good music.


recently, I have noticed it often contains songs that are already on some other playlist of mine or that I already know (and listened to them on Spotify)

besides that, it is also suggesting me quite a lot of stuff I really dont like.

I listen to a good amount of punk rock, why there are pretty much never good punk rock tracks in it?


please make the discover weekly great again 🙂 

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Hey, it's quite usual for Discover Weekly's or Release Radars to suggest songs that are already on another playlist of yours due to its algorithim based on your taste. As for songs you don't like on it, you should always dismiss them as so in order to get songs more suited to your particular punk rock taste.




I have found that the Discover Weekly and Daily Mixes to be quite weak in comparison to other services. 


I'm in Australia, which means sadly my options are limited. I think Spotify could learn a lot from Pandora Music. It was far more intuituve. 


what is very annoying is the fact that I listen to quite a lot of music in general, including new artists and so on, but in the last lets say 10 weeks I noticed a big part of my discover weekly playlist consist of stuff I already know very well, in the beginning it wasnt the case.



I've noticed it too. This week my weekly mix contains 3 songs that were in it last week, has given me one song for the 3rd time this month, and has a total of 13 songs that I have already listened to, including ones I already have saved.

sorry but what's the point of calling a playlist "discovery" if it keeps on repeating the same songs I already discovered and saved on other playlists?


This seems to be an ongoing issue for at least a couple of years, and that includes me. I get tracks I have already added to play lists, and songs I have seen sooooo many times in my discover weekly. They appear, I swipe them away, and they're back again in a few weeks. Ouff! 


Same here. 

I am having my discover weekly full of interpreters I already following and so know already their songs very well 😞

Useless, it used to be much better a few years ago.



this week I am having song in Discover weekly from a band that is the number 1 band in my listen history by far far away! I have listen this particular song many times based on That is ridicule.

But I want to share my tip how to replace your discover weekly (by another discover weekly 😀 )

You can actually search in other's playlists using google.





This way you can find other user's discover weekly lists for who the spotify thinks they would like your favourite band/song and then you can follow it.
After a few tries searching my different favourite bands and always listen a few songs in the lists, I found and I am following 8 stranger's Discover weekly playlists now. And they are absolutely gorgeous! They have slightly different style/taste, it is updated every Monday and I like most of the songs in it! I can't wait to Monday to hear some new songs again. I haven't had this feeling for years.

Wow! Thanks so much for taking the time to post that! I will check this out
and have fun following other people's stuff 😁😁😁👍👍


This works perfectly!  Thank you so much.  I have been looking for a way to search within other people's playlist using a specific song.  This method lets me find playlists with similar music that I like, but with the unexpected bonus of being able to search other people's Discover Weekly.  That is genius!

Funny fact, I was so excited about how this perfectly works, that I wanted to update more people / more threads with the same information. It is always deleted short after I paste it. I guess that is something spotify does not want us to do or I don't know.


If it’s going to repeat songs on your existing playlist, or ones that it has played before... Then why in the world would you call it “DISCOVER Weekly”??!  Seriously.... Discover Weekly should only play things it finds, through a SMART algorithm, you’ve never heard before. Come on. Song repeats should be reserved for “Favorites” type playlists. Make Discover Weekly what it’s meant to be. This is currently my ONE disappointment with Spotify.

Yup. I've noticed there's now a button on the android app so you can make
sure it doesn't appear in discover weekly again. Progress!


Bump! This is so frustrating and something I've been experiencing for years. There are many threads on this, but Spotify seems to ignore.


Every week I get songs that have appeared on previous Discover Weekly playlists. I don't want to click "I don't like this song" as that may not be true....I just don't want it to be forced on me repeatedly in my discover weekly!




Yeah, its getting to the point MOST songs are stuff you thrown at me earlier. The algorithm feels very limited. 

Search for Spotify Playlist Finder by a website called Chosic. This is now
my preferred method of finding new music. Lets you search playlists by
song. Pick a playlist from their search and have fun digging through!


Hi there folks,


Thank you for your posts here in the Community.


The team is aware of this behavior and we understand your frustration around this.


We're not able to provide you with a timeframe for a fix, but we can recommend keeping the app updated.


We can also recommend using Private session less if you're uses it at all, and adding more of the songs that you enjoys to your library.

Help others find this answer and click "Accept as Solution".
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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂


I have an extremely varied taste in music. I don't want to potentially exclude songs I would otherwise like. Just stop putting repeats in over and over again. If I didn't like it the first go around, I'm not going to like it hearing it for the fifteenth time!

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