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don't charge me!

don't charge me!

My free trial expired at 4pm today and I've only just unsubscribed now. I rarely used my account. I haven't used it for at least a week. I shouldn't have to pay £9.99 for a month when I've unsubscribed 5 hours into the month without having actually used the service for which I paid. Only they haven't withdrawn the money from my account because its not there yet but I have no doubt they will do so when it arrives. How do I stop this from happening?
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On this page you will find how you are able to cancel your subscription. You will be marked as free, but you won't lose your playlists. 

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You have charged my checking debit card for the last 5 months, if you look I have a free account! please refund my $49.95 to my debit card asap! Have tried to email you and call but the number is disconected! Please help me on this as were retired and could use the money for Christmas. thank you







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