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duo account - can't find saved playlists

duo account - can't find saved playlists

My wife and I share a duo account. She sent her phone for repair. When she got it back and wanted to log back to her account the invitation link I originally sent here has expired. The only way I was able to send her a new invitation link was by removing her form the account and then re-invite her. Since then, all of her saved songs and playlists have disappeared. All the invitation links were always sent to her only e-mail address, so Spotify knows its the same person. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

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Hi there @30zmu9by80am5f3,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


What has most likely happened is that after the repair your wife has logged in another account. This can often happen if you log in via Facebook or use an email with a different domain.


You can go through this support article for more info on how to find her original account.


If you're having trouble with this, you wife can also contact the Customer Support team, who'll be able to see what exactly has happened with her account and help her gain back access.


Hope you find this info useful 🙂

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