facebook login issue

facebook login issue


Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Operating System

 Android pie


My Question or Issue

I just messed up with my facebook and spotify account.

1st of all i logged in with my fb account a long time ago, but for some reason i think my main email wasnt connected with my fb account in spotify. i couldnt make an account with my mail either for what reason i dont know. so i had to use 2nd mail to make 1  account which i currently use.


Recently i tried to delete my old facebook account id in spotify but after step 3 in removing account theres a blank page and step 4 wouldnt come.


Then i tried to create a new account with my main mail then this time it worked but when i try to sync it with my fb id it wont work (in android) and it says that 

"invalid key hash. the key hash *************** does not match any stored key hashes. configure your app key hashes at******/


can anyone tell me how can i connect fb with my main email

thanks for spending your time by reading it all

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Hi there!


If it's Facebook you're looking to connect your email to, then you could change your contact email in general settings on your Facebook account. As long as that email's linked to your FB account, there should be no problems. If the problem persists, you could visit 'Contact Us' in 'Help' and hopefully the tech support team can help.





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