facebook on spotify


facebook on spotify


hei hei.

When the facebook on spotify was new I used my spotify account on a friends computer,

and now my spotify is connected whit his facebook account

how can I change it over to my own?

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Kazento,

Yes you can change the Facebook linked to your 'kazento' account quite easily.

Just go to Edit > Preferences (in Windows) or Spotify > Preferences (in Mac) and select 'Disconnect from Facebook' under 'Social Network'.

The button will change to 'Connect to Facebook'--just click this and sign in with your Facebook details.

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Casual Listener

Hi Meredith, 


I had to disconnect my facebook account from spotify because, despite having unchecked every box on "Preferences", my Spotify account continued to publish my top artists and songs. 


Is there another way to change these settings? Those in the "Preferences" tab that concern themselves with social publishing are buggy. 





Re: facebook on spotify

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Igroenendaal,


You can specify exactly which features you want to share on your Facebook Timeline, just follow the steps below:
-Go to your Facebook profile
-Click on 'Activity Log next to 'Update Info'.
-Click 'All', then scroll down to 'Spotify'.
-Click the cog/gear & then select what you would like Spotify to share with Facebook.