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free version - get upgrade screen 35 times!

free version - get upgrade screen 35 times!

when i go into spotify on my ipod, i have to click the upgrade notice 35 times before it stops and i can use spotify.  is this what i can expectr for the free version?  very annoying.



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You should be invited to upgrade to Premium if you try to do anything requiring Premium - e.g. clicking 'available offline', trying to play an individual track, etc.


Are you seeing the message immediately after logging in?


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Does it work after you get rid of the screen? It's worth noting that to use Spotify free on an iPod Touch, you need iOS 6 or above, on older versions the app requires Premium.

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yes, it works once i finally get rid of the try premium screen.


not sure if it's when my ipod is made to synch and i have new songs.  but i'm not doing anything else to prompt the screen.

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