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I have transferred from Premium to Family. 

I logged out and in, I deleted my app and reinstalled it but it stills logs in as a Premium account. 

I am logging in thru Facebook. I tried via email but it says account doesn't exist. 

How can this be rectified as when I try to listen, it won't allow me if someone else is using it. 

I am the Plan holder. I verified PayPal as well. 


Hey there @ArabellaMerk


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here! 

Is it possible that you're logged in to the wrong Spotify account? Sometimes Spotify users create more than one account for different reasons. In such a case you might have both Premium Individual and Premium Family accounts. We suggest you head to this help page and check out the steps for finding other accounts.


In case you can't locate a second Spotify account of yours, it's best to get in touch with your payment service provider. They can check for you if the transaction went through or the family plan wasn't activated due to unsuccessful payment. Additionally, you can keep track of your payments made to Spotify by visiting your receipts page.    


Hope this helps. Keep us posted.  

there are no other accounts associated except that one.
I was a premium holder and the payments were OK via PayPal. Nothing has changed and there is nothing on Paypal to say otherwise.

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