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[germany] instant bank transfer/payment options

[germany] instant bank transfer/payment options

Hey everyone,


I would like to get myself a spotify unlimited account, but it seems that instant bank transfer is not an option.

Since i don't have paypal or a credit card, and i don't want to  pay the extra fee for klarma, i would like to pay directly.

Why is this not an option?


I know you can purchase gift cards for spotify premium with instant bank transfer, but since i don't have a smartphone i don't want it.


So, are there any plans to add this option in the future? Otherwise i will just continue to use the free account or take my business elsewhere.



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Hey 🙂 


There are several ideas about adding bank account transfer and direct debit payment options over on the Ideas Exchange.

With debit/credit cards so common, I can't see it happening in the near future (although I am pretty sure DD was an option in the past which has now been removed). 



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