getting CRAZY on account chaos and payments


getting CRAZY on account chaos and payments

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hi there,


for years, i have been paying for spotify premium, but i can't use it offline and when i am abroad (from NL). 

when i log in, spotify doesn't recognize me as a premium customer, although i have been paying for this for years now.


situation is that both me and my girlfriend use spotify - i once registered via email, she did via Facebook. We ended up paying twice ( in the same household), so back then we quit the payment of one of them (not sure which one, wasn't clear). 

now, we still pay for 1 premium account, but don't know the register - log in details.

so we keep on logging in to accounts that don't recognize us as premium customers - BUT WE DON"T KNOW ANY OTHER ACCOUNTS - STILL ARE PAYING FOR IT. 


i can't get out of this loop of logging on/off but never logging in as premium customer.

it drives me crazy (as well as the fact that there is no proper customer (web) care service - HOW DO WE KEEP PUTTING UP WITH THIS?). 


please, can anyone advice me on how to fix this and/or how to reach out to customer support @Spotfiy? otherwise i am quitting this < edit > customer service i have been paying for for years now..



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @user-removed

We're here to help, don't worry.

Let's try to get you reunited with your Premium account!


Firstly, we'd recommend checking out the link at


This includes tips on how to find any accounts you might have and check for charges.

Let us know how you get on.

We'll be here!