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gift card + free 30day trial

gift card + free 30day trial



So I got a gift card for 10 € on spotify. Now of course I want to get the most out of it.

Then I learn that its not compatable to my student discount.

And then I see when I activated it that I just have blown out 10 € for one month spotify premium which I could have got the same way with the free trial. I already knew about the trial offer but did not think it would not be mentioned again when paying by giftcard.


So I am a bit pissed by now... Is there a possibility to talk to someone?

10 € in form of actual money would have meant at least 2 months premium: twice 4.99 with student discount or free trial month with one fully paid month.

Is there a solution to this? Otherwise this rather motivates me to change platforms then to keep this one.


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Hello @soyarne, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Unfortunately, gift cards cannot be used to pay for offers and you won't be able to use another offer again as they're for users that never had Premium before. There's no possible solution for this, sorry.


Anyway, I suggest you reach out @SpotifyCares, maybe they can help you.

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