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have a subscription, but can no longer log into facebook or spotify

have a subscription, but can no longer log into facebook or spotify

for about two weeks facebook has been asking me -- upon login -- to upload an ID. i find this unacceptable and am not going to do that. therefore, however, i can no longer log into (and use) both facebook and spotify.


so what i did was make a new spotify account (the one i am using right now to post this), which is not linked to a facebook account. then i contacted the spotify support team. they have not replied yet.


my problem is that my old spotify account had a family subscription. since i cannot login anymore, i have not been able to make use of this subscription for two weeks now. ideally, i would like to disconnect my old account from facebook, or -- if this is impossible -- to delete my old account and move my subscription to my new account. if this is impossible as well, then i would like to just end my old subscription and delete my old account.


are there any other possibilities than to wait for the support team to reply? (does this usually take more than a week?)

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