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help, playlist is available online but not on phone?

help, playlist is available online but not on phone?

I have the playlist on my laptop and all my other playlists are synched onto my phone except that one, only one song is one the playlist and its because i added it while on my phone. i, for some reason, think its because its a lot of songs in that single playlist. it's got 587 tracks. but i don't know. and i have the playlist on the laptop and phone checked as "available offline". can someone help me out?

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Hi, and welcome to the community!


There appears to be an ongoing issue for some users (for quite some time now) where playlists on the computer are not appearing on mobile devices. I'll be sure to add this topic to the list of topics for the staff with the same issue. Could you post your windows version, Spotify version on your desktop, mobile version, and mobile Spotify version? Will just help fix the problem.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon!


Anthony 🙂

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As well as the stuff Anthony mentioned, if you could also let us know the name of the playlist (PM me if you'd prefer), that'd be really helpful too.


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